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Nautica OpenCart Marketplace Mobile App

Nautica OpenCart Marketplace Mobile App

by Knowband

Nautica OpenCart Marketplace Mobile App
Nautica OpenCart Marketplace Mobile App
Nautica OpenCart Marketplace Mobile App

The Nautica OpenCart Marketplace Mobile App is a demo application for the combo package of OpenCart Advanced Marketplace With Mobile App. Both Android & iOS mobile apps allow the marketplace sellers profile, products, reviews, etc. The customers can browse the sellers on the marketplace mobile apps and make the purchase accordingly. The sellers can manage the data on the web marketplace module and the same will be reflected on the mobile apps. 

The OpenCart Advanced Marketplace With Mobile App is a combo package of OpenCart Marketplace and OpenCart Mobile App Builder extensions. It lets you convert your OpenCart based CMS store into a full-fledged marketplace and launch native Android and iOS mobile apps for the same. Having multi-vendor marketplace compatible mobile apps will enhance the reach and revenue. The native apps can be used to increase sales and conversions. 

Steps To Launch OpenCart Multi-vendor Mobile App:

#1. Purchase combo package and install on the website. 
#2. Share app-related details for development. 
#3. Review final apps and confirm to publish on the Google Play and Apple App Store. 

Key Features Of OpenCart Marketplace:

1. The OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace allows the sellers to register on the web marketplace and start selling on the website. The sellers need to purchase a subscription package in order to sell the website. 

2. A specific seller dashboard is provided on the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace allowing to manage the seller listing and profile. The seller data will remain in complete sync with the Android & iOS mobile app. 

3. The seller can send requests to the admin for the products, categories, payout, etc. And the same can be approved anytime.  

4. The store admin can also fix the commission rates for the sellers. An automated email reminder can be scheduled for the sellers whose membership period is getting expired. 

Key Features Of OpenCart Marketplace Mobile App:

1. The OpenCart Multivendor Mobile App has a customizable home screen that can be configured from the admin panel itself. The store owners can choose the desired theme, color, design, products, categories, etc., and design the home page layout on the mobile app. 

2. The OpenCart Marketplace Mobile App has a seller section where all the sellers will be available for the customers to browse. The seller profile, products, reviews, etc. Will be available on the mobile app for easy purchase. 

3. The OpenCart Mobile App remains in complete synchronization with the eCommerce store inventory and database. The entire products, categories, etc. will be updated on the mobile app automatically. 

4. The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App supports all sorts of languages and currencies available on the website. Even RTL languages will be supported on the native mobile apps. 

5. The unlimited push notification feature in OpenCart Mobile App allows the store admin to send the promotional push notifications anytime. The store admin can easily promote the products, deals, discounts, etc. 

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