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Musera : Music Social Network

Musera : Music Social Network

by Jagdeep Sharma

Musera : Music Social Network

Music fuels life. Every day, millions of people, around the world, plug in their earphones to listen to their favorite songs. But it can be a hassle to look for these songs individually and leave one feeling quite tired. That is where Musera steps in.
Musera is a music app that you can use to identify all your songs. It has been designed in a way to let you create a unique playlist that helps you access all the trending songs in the world. This unique feature makes Musera a great app to have on your smartphone and use it to connect to all the best and trendy tracks.
Here is looking at some of the unique features of the app.
• The Musera app helps you recognize songs. If you have an unknown track, then you can use the app to identify the song (Artist name, Album, Title, Album Cover, etc)
• Thanks to the app, you can access other people's playlists and connect with them based on their musical choices
• You can make a playlist of all the latest songs in the world. This playlist will help you keep tab of all that is trending around the world
• Musera automatically recognizes the songs which are being played on your device
• The app makes use of your GPS location to suggest songs to you. As mentioned earlier, the app can be downloaded from any part of the world and gain access to both local music and international numbers
• It will also display all the top songs in the world (list and map). This includes songs across all various categories of music including rock, pop, jazz, etc.
• Song preview by Deezer with high quality.
• Youtube button to watch music video of the tracks.

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