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Mortgage Calculator- Lite

Mortgage Calculator- Lite

by Mortgage Calculator


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Mortgage Calculator- Lite
Mortgage Calculator- Lite
Mortgage Calculator- Lite
Mortgage Calculator- Lite

We make our products beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly.

Our “Mortgage Calculator with PMI” includes Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA – all major loan type calculators in one app & on ONE SCREEN.

Short Term Loan and Hard Money Calculator coming soon.

Ideal for Realtors and Mortgage Brokers and Home Buyers. Perfect app for Realtors. Helps you determine which loan is more suitable to the client based on their situation and need. For iPhones and iPads.

• Simple: All on One screen (just click on the tab to switch)
• Intuitive: Auto calculates as you type - there is NO "Calculate” button
• Quick: Calculate 4 loan types: Conventional, FHA, VA & USDA, without switching screens or pages. Make entry once and it auto populates to other loans, making it easy and saves
• Look professional in front of your client
• Provides more options and Quick calculations
• Simple and Easy to use
• SAVE for future reference
• RETRIEVE to find out which is a better option
• TEXT to your client instantly (in Pro version)
• EMAIL to your client on the spot (in Pro version)

We have 4 versions
1. Lite version: Has all features except Text and Email and adding customer info.
2. Pro version: Includes everything.
3. Agent Branded App: We create the Pro version app with additional features in YOUR NAME in the App Store (and/or Play Store). Additional features include Pre-Qual form entry, and Pre-Qual PDF letter. So all communications and the App Header shows your info such as name, picture, phone #, email etc.
4. Company Branding: This is the best version since every email/text sent to clients is collected by the company’s central email system. This version includes everything and licensed to companies to market the app as their app and let their agents or loan officers use is as their own.

Agent Branded version features:
Benefits and features:
1. Your Profile: Set up your info in the profile so all communication and the App Header shows your Picture, Name & Phone number
2. Elevate Your Reputation: Send info to clients and the loan officer, with your info which creates a professional looks
3. PMI Included: Computes PMI as you select conditions and make entries 
4. Pre-Qual Form: Gather buyer’s info and forward it to your favorite Loan Officer to get them pre-approved
5. Pre-Qual PDF: It creates a PDF letter with info collected and send it to the client, yourself & the loan officer simultaneously. (The Loan officer will love you!)
6. Professional: This allows the loan officer to speak with the buyer. It makes you look professional and organized

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