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Money Dash

Money Dash

by Real 2D


More Info

Money Dash
Money Dash
Money Dash
Money Dash
Money Dash
Money Dash

Since we have In App Purchases in the game, you need to be 13 years old to download and play the game. This is an action game that falls in the categories of endless run, casual and platform.

★ We pays real money
- The game pays real money?
* Yes it does, it is not a lot but is real.
- Who can earn money here?
* Everybody with a PayPal account can be paid.
- How much i can earn?
* You will not become rich... You earn more while more you play (and watch advertisements to boost your coins).
- When i can cash out?
* You need to have a balance of $100.
- How long takes to be paid?
* Between 10 minutes and 24 hours.

Maybe you can find cool that it was made by a one-man team. Here you will find monsters, spells, knights, platforms, traps and much more. Easy to learn and hard to master. Try it and give us a lot of feedback. Join our legion of users that helps to make great this endless runner game.

★ We pays real money.
★ Cloud Saved Game.
★ Many Free to Play Choices.
★ Choose your own special Runner and dash always to the future.
★ Beat monsters with your Sword to clear the way and earn money.
★ Special Skills to help you get further than anyone else.
A lot of Unique Monsters.
★ Beautiful Graphics.
★ High Score System to showoff with your friends. (and be Paid)
★ Many Achievements, even hidden Special Ones.
★ Death is Not the End, you can "always" get an extra Life.

★ Banners and Inter-sites can be removed by any In App Purchase made in the game.
Banner: Small, non intrusive banner in the bottom center of the screen.
Inter-site: On the title screen, there is a 25% chance of have one of these. (Can Skip after 5 seconds)
Rewarded: There are several of this kind. Example: getting an extra life on the game, to triplicate your level rewards, to gain extra rewards.

All supported languages are loaded by the game except Filipino and Hindi that have to be set manually in the settings.

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