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Modern Sniper Shooter

Modern Sniper Shooter

by bindas Game

Modern Sniper Shooter
Modern Sniper Shooter

Modern Sniper shooter is #1 FPS game that will blow you away!
Modern Sniper Shooter is an exciting, new, realistic action shooting game. You are a modern sniper shooter ready to battle with fully trained enemies in strictly time scale environment, you must kill all the enemies to save city from ultimate terrorism. If you don't get all the enemy soldiers before your health is depleted, you will lose. With each level comes more enemy soldiers who will move into position to take you down.

TIP:Destroy the heavy filled oil barrel first before shooting to anyone else on the ground.

In this modern sniper shooter tactical combat Mission game you are part of heavily well-trained tactical Commando SWAT team to kill those terrorists and rebels in order not to occur such slaughter again in history of your country as this has created a huge terror and bloodbath in capital city. A top sniper can fight by himself with a whole army! Shoot all the terrorists, who appear in front of you. Try to kill your opponents before they defeat you. Good luck and have fun!

This game is designed to give user the best ever experience of range shooting game with real guns while keeping all points in mind. Think of a person who is in a competition, if he has some sort of prior experience which will help him to win the competition. While being in modern combat, this range shooting game will help you to be the best shooter. Being a soldier it’s necessary to aim, shoot and kill with accuracy. A best range shooter is one who don't miss the fire and shoot in head or in the center of his enemy.

Fun is absolutely guaranteed. Download now this amazing free game with all new fresh content on regular updates. Thank you for choosing our application. We shall appreciate suggestions and feedback so feel free to contact us.

Game Features:

- Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animations
- ADDICTING game-play (FPS)
- EASY and INTUITIVE controls
- FREE game: play it both on your phone and tablet
- Realistic battle scenes in street

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