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Modern Car Racing 2018

Modern Car Racing 2018

by Switch Play


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Modern Car Racing 2018
Modern Car Racing 2018
Modern Car Racing 2018

Modern car racing 2018 is the latest inclusion on play store. This is a treat for those who like arcade racing and driving games. Select your favorite car and compete with master drivers. 

Drive through most highway traffic in your racing cars at high speed, earn coins and use it for customization and upgrade of your vehicle. When you increase your speed and get closer to traffic car, you will extra bonus coins. It’s time to light up your racing car and show your ability to drive on the busy road. You got 3 different amazing cars to drive with; each car can be unlocked using coins you earn during racing your car. Each car got different racing speed and controls so you have a different experience with each car. You can also change color and customize as you like on these racing cars. Be a furious racer and drive your car through different 3D environments. This game consists of 3 different 3D environments. All of these environments provide amazing car racing experience. Modern Car Racing 2018 contains 7 different gameplay modes to enjoy your racing car. These gameplay modes will provide you realistic gaming and car racing experience.

Modern car racing 2018 comprises of stunning graphics and addictive game play that will give you a thrill and excitement. Realistic physics, eye catchy tracks and latest cars make a new type of adventure for users. 

Game Features
•    Multiple 3D environments
•    Variety of Modern cars
•    User can set number of laps and opponent cars
•    AI difficulty can be customize 
•    Real Competitions
•    Race reply
•    Different camera angles
•    Use of Nitrous 
•    Real Physics 

Race Modes
1.    Knock out
2.    Elimination
3.    Check Points
4.    Circuit
5.    Speed Trap
6.    Drift
7.    Time Trail

    Auto Acceleration
    Touch Controls
    Tilt Steer

Download Modern Car Racing 2018 for free and enjoy racing fever along with your friends.

About Us
Switch Play is developing variety of quality 2D and 3D android games. For more information visit Switchsolutions.com.pk or Email us on support@switchsolutions.com.pk.

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