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Model Wallpaper HD

Model Wallpaper HD

by Claude Newman

Model Wallpaper HD
Model Wallpaper HD

Are you ready to download wallpapers of hot girls? Model Wallpaper HD offers only top models that are posing on a beach, in a photo shoot, or modeling in front of camera. These images are of professional hot models who model for a living.

The purpose of this beautiful wallpaper app is to add a fashion sense to your smartphone. Enjoy a wide variety of colorful bikini and women of all corners of the world. Blond, brunette, brown haired, black haired, red heads and even mature women are featured in this app.

These beautiful bikini girls reflect the essence of summer, blazing sun, hot warm sand, and the cool ocean breeze. Most of these hot girls are into surfing, outdoor sports, swimming, or even sailing and want to show off all their hard work.

Many of these beautiful women are wearing design bikini beach wear, swim wear and underwear looking bikini which is popular in countries like the USA, Canada, United King (UK) and Asia continent countries like India, Pakistan, China, Indonesia and Bangladesh. South American countries like Brazil and Argentina are known to have bikini girls all year round.

Features available in this app:
- Share option that allows you to share your photos via Gmail, Email, Instagram, Skype, MMS, Twitter, DropBox, Google+, Snapchat, OneDrive or simply upload to your photos.
- Height increasing automation - To have an HD background, proportion is very important. Sexy Bikini Model Wallpaper HD ensures smartphone resizing.
- Blemish Reduction - With the amazing function of the Bikini app , all small mark or flaw that spoil the appearance of the photo are removed prior to addition.
- Push notification reminder to ensure you’re up to date on newly uploaded bikini girls.
- Add your favorite photos without downloading. Click on the heart icon and store within the app to decide on future use.
- Download section keeps record of all the photos you downloaded from this app. This ensures you never lose your best pictures.
- Apps section shows you new top apps that you can try and download which are recommended by Sexy Women
- Premium star section for related content or game portals whenever you want to see something new, or play a game while waiting for new photos to be uploaded.
- Easy to set, change home screen wallpapers for your hot girls from the app. Just replace the boring and common app stock wallpapers with the ones you download.

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