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Maya Jewelry Quest

Maya Jewelry Quest

by Samira Sqinc


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Maya Jewelry Quest
Maya Jewelry Quest
Maya Jewelry Quest

Maya Jewelry Quest is an amazing match 3 game. There are many puzzles that are created from beautiful jewels legend. It's an addictive game for everyone.

If you really like the mayan jewels quest match 3 games, but also very love of mayan legend culture, maya quest is your first choice.

Features of Mayan jewels legend:
- 3 Worlds
- 2 Categories Arcade and Classic
- +300 challenging levels
- Combination of jewels unique to crush match 3
- Match 3 jeweled can win the jewel bomb to eliminate the Jewelry around.

How to play:
Make combinations of 3 jewels with same color to make them burst. Get the jewel bomb for each line of 4 and more, You can swap the jeweled for special burst to use in difficult situations, then try dropping star to pass the level, If you are in trouble use lighting 3 jeweled and thunder.

About Maya: The Maya civilization was a Mesoamerican civilization developed by the Maya peoples.
Famed Mayan civilization since the fourth century until the coming of the Spaniards establishing the pyramids and temples and above the peaks of housing priests, was also famous for pottery, which was in the form of cylindrical cups her pregnant and with three legs and colorful bowls. The Maya writings and pictorial works Alfiresc (Alovrsk). And found traces of them of gold and pottery were also found on the tombs of them.

Enjoy the Puzzle run through Maya Jewelry Quest and see for yourself! it’s tons of fun! This isn't like any other match 3 games.

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