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Math Telling Time Clock Game

Math Telling Time Clock Game

by The Learning Apps


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Math Telling Time Clock Game
Math Telling Time Clock Game
Math Telling Time Clock Game
Math Telling Time Clock Game

Clock learning applications are fun and informational for children to ace their goal to learn time. Time clock App is an educational app which helps kids to learn to tell time app and consists of time games for kids which is fun and informal. It helps your child to get motivated to master the clock. This clock games for kids will help to make your child become more familiar with the concept of time and be able to read an analogue clock along with a digital clock.

“Talking clock” helps kids of preschool, kindergarten, toddler, 1st grade and 2nd grade to learn how to read a clock and tell time. It teaches a child to get familiar with the clock and how time “works” via different fun activities and time games for kids. Your child would learn to tell time clocks in the most fun way. This clock learning  and telling time app is also a learning clock for toddlers which makes them understand and interpret the basics of hours, quarters, minutes and also digital and analogue clock. Time is the key to success for every aspect in life. It is vital to know the importance of time and for this learning time is significant. This learn to tell time app is different from various telling time apps for kids as it along with education includes clock games for children of various ages.
 It teaches children the difference between hours and minutes. It is very simple yet understandable and so your child will be able to see the difference between quarter and past. 

This telling time app for kids is a whole package which contains 6 different modes for children. It can be used by teachers and parents to teach basic time telling to children. Children can set the given time on the clock, this practice mode would enhance his capability to tell time by viewing the clock. The matching activities includes learning to be able to differentiate between hours, quarter/past and minutes. Then comes the advance learning of quarters. The quiz mode has various questions to test where a child stands and if he exceeds in the basic challenge that means he has successfully got the hang of illustrating time. The clock games for kids incorporates an interesting interface to help children learn such principal topics with such ease. It also has various fun and free activities and ideas for children such as the robo clock. Children can play interesting games like selecting the correct time to jump in this telling time app. The best part is that you can download for free.
Main features:
– Basic teachings of time (hours, minutes, past, quarter).
– Difference between Analogue and Digital clock.
– Learning clock activities.
– Matching activities for children.
– Time Quizzes.
– Time games for kids (Robo clock).
– Appropriate content for children.
– User-friendly interface.
– Basic challenge hours.
– Matching activities.
– Basic challenge quarters.
– Quiz.
– Basic challenge every five minutes.
– Robo clock.


- Learn to set the time!
- Learn to read a clock/to tell time.
- Learn conversion and time setting using clock activities and quiz
- Learn the concept of detecting time.
- Quiz Mode (Learn concepts ).
- Designed for kids of all ages.
- Hour challenge.
- Fun activities for kids

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