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Mastermind Numbers

Mastermind Numbers

by Alaattin Bedir


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Mastermind Numbers
Mastermind Numbers
Mastermind Numbers
Mastermind Numbers
Mastermind Numbers
Mastermind Numbers
Mastermind Numbers

Master your mind with Mastermind! 

It is an iOS version of one of the most popular games ever! If you are a fun of logic games, this is the right one for you which is a very addictive game that you can play for hours. 

Challenge yourself, artificial intelligence, friends and the whole world with this iOS top game app today! You should try this game to improve your intelligence which is easy to learn. 


Before your opponent finds your secret code you should find his/her secret code in minimum steps. 


There are 2 simple rules of the game 

1. GREEN color means that digit exist and its place is correct. 

2. RED color means that digit exist but its place is incorrect. 



You can determine your strength in career mode. The average number of guesses that you find computer's secret code determines your game power. As an example, if you find the secret code in 5 guesses in the first game and next you find the secret code in 6 guesses, then your game power will be 5.500 after two games. 

Your game power is sent to Game Center in career mode obtained after completion of 10 games. Your game power ranking will be updated as the best game power. 

Reaching success within 5 steps in Career mode will be listed in the Masters Club. Whenever you want, you can reset your career mode from the game settings. 


There are eight artificial intelligence players which are ranked from easy to difficult. You can play with the AI player of any level.



You can play the game by inviting your friends to Game Center. With Play Now option you can play with randomly selected opponents who are currently active.

When you lose the connection or the opponent quits, you can continue to play with Artifical Intelligence player Master from where you left. 

At the end of the game the system gives rematching option with your opponent. If your opponent accepts the invitation then a new match starts. Thus you can play as many games as you want with the same opponent.

You can earn points only through online game. In the three-digit game mode you may earn 3 points for each win and 1 point for each draw. But in the four-digit game mode you may earn 5 points for each win and 2 points for each draw. Your score will be updated in real time on Game Center score boards.

There are some timing restrictions on online games. The limit for three-digits game is 5 minutes, and 7 minutes for four-digit game. The game is lost when time is up.

Online games can be played when you have enough credits. In Shopping menu, you can earn 5 credits with the rewarded videos. 

If you want to play games without interruption and ads you can buy advantageous online game packages.

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