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Mapsted Navigation

Mapsted Navigation

by Best app makerz

Mapsted Navigation
Mapsted Navigation
Mapsted Navigation

Mapsted is a free, easy-to-use app that provides state-of-the-art indoor navigation in shopping malls and other indoor facilities. No more staring at directory signs or getting lost in a busy mall. Mapsted works in any building that Mapsted has mapped; just download it once and use it everywhere.


Mapsted lets you search for stores, products and services by name, category or type. It also lets build your own custom profile by entering your preferences, interests, shopping behavior and other information. With that, Mapsted and its partners can deliver you a shopping experience that is customized especially for you.


Mapsted doesn’t require Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or an internet connection to work. It’s the world’s only stand-alone indoor navigation system. It doesn’t rely on a mobile data connection, and it uses very little battery power. So you can shop ‘till you drop – anywhere – with no worries about your battery or data consumption.


Mapsted uses proprietary, “world’s most advanced stand-alone indoor navigation system” patented technology to provide highly accurate, step-by-step indoor navigation. It accurately displays the locations of stores, service kiosks, washrooms and other amenities in a building. It shows your location, the location of places you want to go to, and guides you every step of the way. You don’t even have to launch it - Mapsted recognizes when you enter a location that has been mapped and loads itself automatically. You simply search, click, and start walking.


A New Category Emerges:


Rudimentary indoor navigation systems first appeared about five years ago. Since then, interest in indoor navigation has grown rapidly. New products enter the market every year, each promising to bring the same kind of seamless, inexpensive mapping and navigation to the indoors that GPS systems provide outdoors. Even technology giants such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft see opportunity; they are all investing significant resources into indoor navigation.


Mapsted’s patented mapping system makes adding new facilities quick and easy:


Mapsted Mapping is the company’s internal proprietary system for initial mapping and calibration. After an initial rudimentary map of a location is uploaded, a “mapper” simply launches Mapsted Mapping and walks the indoor space. The app calibrates positions and locations of stores, aisles, doors, entrances and exits - as well as amenities, and other points of interest - to create a fully-functional digitized map for use by Mapsted Navigation users.

A fully detailed map for a new location can be created, calibrated and launched within days - sometimes even hours! -  and becomes instantly usable to Mapsted users worldwide. This simple and rapid deployment makes Mapsted the  world’s most flexible and costeffective indoor navigation system by far. Mapsted will soon be recruiting teams of mappers all across North America and in other global markets to help it map the indoor world.


Security & Data Protection


Mapsted is fully committed to the security of customers’ information. It incorporates world-class security and encryption algorithms, and is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standard for data security. Mapsted protects user information and identity by providing only aggregated, non-specific data.


Where can Mapsted be used?


Mapsted is launching in January 2018 in Toronto, Canada. It will be available for download for Android devices on January 30, and on February 15 for Apple iOS devices. Mapsted can be used immediately at major shopping malls across the Toronto area, including Yorkdale Mall, CF Eaton Centre, CF Sherway Gardens, CF Markville, Scarborough Town Centre and Square One. Other malls in Toronto and across Ontario will be coming on board in the very near future.


On March 30, 2018, Mapsted will be available for use in other major markets including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Montreal and Vancouver. Mapsted will continue to add new locations across North America throughout 2018 and beyond. Visit www.mapsted.com for an up-to-date listing of locations.


Vision – what’s in store moving forward


Mapsted’s patented technology has a wide range of applications around the globe. While the product will initially be launched for use in shopping malls, it will soon be available in airports, hospitals, university campuses, convention centres, public office buildings, government complexes and other indoor facilities. Moving forward, Mapsted will also be developing customized indoor navigation systems for firefighters, police departments, emergency teams and other first responders. Wherever you need to go indoors, Mapsted will help you find your way, as we move toward fulfilling our vision of “mapping the indoor world”.


We recommend you should try the all new “Mapsted Navigation” app & write your experience and review about app features. Thanks a lot in advance for considering our app for review.

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