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Make 1 - Number Puzzle Game

Make 1 - Number Puzzle Game

by WhiteCoffee Games

Make 1 - Number Puzzle Game
Make 1 - Number Puzzle Game

If you are a numbers or logic lover then this is the best puzzle game for you. It's puzzles are fun and will definitely make you rack your brains.

-Best puzzle game to train your brain (You can trick your mind into a good mental workout in a fun way with number puzzles)
-Helps your logic solving thoughts flow free
-Amazing puzzles to develop your mechanical puzzles solving skills
-Has over 150+ number puzzles that you can solve at your leisure in the three packs i.e. pack1(10 puzzles), pack2(65 puzzles) and pack3(75 puzzles).(Will be adding many more puzzles in future updates please stay tuned)
-If you find these to be less puzzles you can play our daily puzzles that will bring you one puzzle a day from a huge collection of over one million puzzles (1,000,000 puzzles)
-If you are more of a adrenaline junkie you could try out our timer mode in which you will have to face the clock. So hurry up and solve as many number puzzles as you can before the clock runs out.
-Don’t be fooled by the simple game play the game play may be simple but solving the number puzzles will definitely be a task.
-It is absolutely free and no hidden purchases so you won’t have to pay any of your hard earned dollars .

How to Play
-You need to spread out each number over the entire grid reducing each tile to the number 1.
-You can spread the times by sliding them in the north ,south ,east or west directions(Simple game play)
-Your objective is to reduce all tiles to one / completely fill the grid up so that no spots are available to complete the puzzle and go forward to the next one.

You’ll need to pre-think your moves so that you don’t block any of the other tiles from reducing completely to one.
Note: the puzzles can be solved in more than one ways. No way is the absolute way but some ways are easier for some puzzles.
So Get your Puzzle solving skills on and download the best puzzle game of 2018, today
Music - "On My Way" - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Sounds - http://www.freesfx.co.uk

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