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Ludo Snakes & Ladders King Master Club : Ludo Fun

Ludo Snakes & Ladders King Master Club : Ludo Fun

by Mobiman

Ludo Snakes & Ladders King Master Club : Ludo Fun
Ludo Snakes & Ladders King Master Club : Ludo Fun
Ludo Snakes & Ladders King Master Club : Ludo Fun
Ludo Snakes & Ladders King Master Club : Ludo Fun
Ludo Snakes & Ladders King Master Club : Ludo Fun

Lets play Ludo !!!
Ludo, Snake & Ladders, Tic Tac Toe and Dots & Boxes - Multiple games in one super app.
Ultimate offline games for family and friends.
Download this classic ludo game

King of all Ludo games is here. Now become a champion and master in ludo, tic tac toe and dots & boxes. Be a superstar in Ludo and Snakes and ladders and games.

Ludo - Ludo is a multiplayer strategy game where each player have four pieces. Player whose all four pieces reach home is the winner.
The player whose all pieces does not reach home is the looser.
Four players in ludo game are of different colors namely Blue, Yellow, Green and Red. In ludo game each player piece has to traverse the complete board and reach home which is at the center. In ludo game a player piece can even kill other player pieces if it comes over other player piece and if that player piece is not on safe location.
In ludo game there are 8 safe locations where player piece cannot get killed.
Each player has to plan and use his strategy to win the game.
Ludo game is very exciting game which is being played from very long time.
Ludo can be played with your family members and friends.
Ludo can also be played with Computer.
Ludo is the most famous board game and a complete game for your family.
Ludo is derived from Indian game Pachisi but is simpler. Ludo game is popular in many countries. Ludo is known with different names like Uckers and Pachisi.

Snake & Ladders - Another classic board game snakes and ladders added. Originally known as Moksha Patam. Snake & Ladders is a classic board game for two or more players. You can play with your friends and family or even with computer. The object of the game is to navigate one player piece from Start to Home. There are ladders on board to climb and snakes which can bite your player piece. Its exciting to play.
The snakes & ladders game is also known with names such as Chutes and Ladders, Bible Ups and Downs, etc.

Tic Tac Toe - Fun and exciting legendary game.
Increase your analytical and strategy skills by playing tic tac toe game. Tic Tac Toe game is also known as noughts and crosses game.
It is basically paper and pencil game for two players, X and O. Player who succeeds in entering 3 of his mark in vertical, horizontal or diagonal manner is a winner.

🪟 Dots And Boxes - Dots and Boxes is a pencil-and-paper game for two players.
The game starts with empty grid of dots.
Each player take turn to select horizontal or vertical line. The player who selects the 4th side of 1x1 box gets a point.
The player who has more points win the game.

Download this classic ludo game and join the champions ludo club
Features of this king ludo game.
Ludo can be played with friends and family.
Ludo can be played offline without internet connection.
Ludo can be played with computer also.
Ludo is the strategy and mind game.
Snakes & Ladders legendary classic game which reduces your boring time and is a complete time pass game is also added.
Tic-Tac-Toe and Dots & Boxes two more exciting games are also available which helps develop coordination and visual skills. They helps to improve concentration.
Ludo Fun has amazing animation
Ludo Fun is the best ludo app of 2020.


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