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Ludo Game - Play with friends

Ludo Game - Play with friends

by Mobiman

Ludo Game - Play with friends
Ludo Game - Play with friends
Ludo Game - Play with friends
Ludo Game - Play with friends
Ludo Game - Play with friends
Ludo Game - Play with friends
Ludo Game - Play with friends
Ludo Game - Play with friends

Welcome to Ludo world, let me introduce you a version of ludo kinds "Ludo Game - Play with friends". Ludo Ludo every where! In this version we offer alot of games ludo kind, such as Parcheesi, Aeroplane Chess game (a version of Ludo in China), and "Don't get angry, man!" is another version of German board game.

Have 2 modes: game ludo online and offline. Let's try to download ludo game and enjoy!



- "How can I play Ludo on my phone?" - If you can read this question, let's click on DOWNLOAD or GET button to make game ludo download completed.

- "Why is Ludo called Ludo?" - "Ludo" come from Latin, meaning "I play", is a strategy board game for two to four players.

- "Who invented Ludo?" - not the famous owner of game Ludo King, Ludo is deruved fron the Indian game Pachisi, but simpler.

- "How old is Pachisi?" - I don't known exactly but maybe in 6th or 7th century.

- "Which Ludo game is best?" - "Ludo Game - Play with friends" try and try



- First we need begin the Ludo game by dice to get SIX to begin ITEM in race.

- Ludo turn: follow clockwise, players will dice one time (you beat another player ITEM give you a Ludo turn,...)

- Dice and numbers: each number give you a chance to ITEM move number of steps.

- Ludo goal: the goal of game is moving all ITEMs to the end of race, winner is the fastest one.

- Play Ludo must be take a hour to complete normal game. We offer to custom player number 2 - 6 players for reduce playing time in all offline mode ver.


Ludo Game (Pachisi Indian version and maybe some one call Ludo Khelungi)

- Ludo ludo the most custionize version, you can play ludo with 2 to 6 players.

- Follow the rules when play ludo game if ITEMs stand in BEGIN and STAR position, it can't beatable, you only can beat them in other places.

- Ludo ITEM can move over the others ITEM.


Aeroplane Chess (Ludo of China)

- In Aeroplane can play with 4 players.

- In board, Aeroplane ITEM can flight in fast way when you come to same color corner.


Don't get angry, man! (Ludo of German)

- In this Ludo version can play with 4 players.

- "Don't get angry, man!"" ITEM can not move over the others ITEM, an must be wait or beat them.

- Playing time so long, if you was online ludo version let choose less ITEMs (2 or 3) for make game shorter.



- There are gifts every day, don't forget open ludo ka game every days!

- The graphics of this one is new and different from others "Ludo classic" and "Ludo Star" version. They are attractive, east to see and attracting players.

- Custom players is avaliable in game ludo online (except Aeroplane & Don't get angry, man!).

- Option to show safe cells (square) which is represented by ludo star icon.

- "Can we play Ludo online?" - Multiplayer in the same device, 2 and 6 player Real-Time Ludo.

- "Is Ludo King offline?" - Play Ludo with friends – require internet connectio, if not you can play game ludo WALA game version against the computer.

- Game ludo “lodo” can use vibrate to notify you when your turn come.

- Ludo game player can invite and challenge your Facebook Friends in a private game room and beat them.

- Play with world Ludo (you will be ludo superstar and build your owner ludo club) players and make them your best friends by Ludo game - Play with friends.

- You can send emotions while playing game ludo.

- Daily reward ready to get every day when you turn on Ludo legend.

- "What happens when you get 3 SIXES in Ludo?" - you are lucky one, with your ludo master skill take easy to become ludo king man!

- Light ludo size (just only ~63MB) this is the King Ludo game download.



- This is a collection of Ludo board game – ludo classic rule - let' email us about your ludo rules.

- Ludo online is very early version, let tell us what you want from this ludo game. We want this one is the King ludo game, so let give us your helpful feedback.


To bring a change to play ludo video game also will be the best ludo.

Let's download ludo right now!

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