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Limo Taxi Transport Simulator

Limo Taxi Transport Simulator

by Lisa Jeff


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Limo Taxi Transport Simulator

Time to drive the luxury limo taxi with professional real city driver skills! This cab driving will make you feel like a real limo driver! Show driving skills on loop tracks in brand new drive simulator. Avail the chance to drive limousine else than a regular car in this limo car transport simulator. This game limo taxi driver 3D is much different from typical taxi driving games.These type of crazy taxi drive in the world cities. Drive girls to shopping mall or rush taxi to city hospital. Drive fast in city routes and burn rubber tyres on asphalt roads. Amazing gameplay adding a cherry topping to a limozin car parking game. Test your exceptional driving skills in the greatest of limozin car driving games.

The luxury limousine works for the VIPs .When u drive the limousine you will see the different adventures and face the different tracks.Start to pick up some city passengers in your limousine and take them towards their destination.You will follow the arrows on the city road.when you will play this crazy taxi driving simulator you need to do some city parking and city driving.To sum up, limo car transport simulator 2016 redefines taxi games to pick and drop passengers with a luxurious ride. It's not easy to drive in so much traffic !

This is game having all the components of a racing game driving, parking, challenge, drifting steering etc.Get in your taxi, fasten your seat belts and become a city traffic racer.Do you like to transport people? Drive faster than in the bus simulator so be careful! Duty driving is not that easy.This taxi simulator 2016 has Improved manual transmission, with 6 Gears + Reverse. Detailed vehicles and detailed big city with people walking and running on the roads.

Limo Taxi Transport Simulator - Game features

- Real cab sound effects
- Smooth limo taxi driving with realistic car physics
- Impressive HD graphics for a real taxi car driving game
- Limousine parking and driving controls
- 3D environment & realistic graphics
- beautiful big city 3d environment situations

Play limo driving game now what are you waiting for? download now limo taxis transport simulator game 2016, this is the master piece in limousine car games.All peoples from the big city will see you drive by in your luxury limousine. limousine driving games have never been this much fun.when you drive a luxury limousine you will meet celebrities on daily basis.Take these celebrity VIPs to their celebrity parties.Receive big tips from passengers if you drive save and fast.Limo taxi games are very enjoyable transport games. This Limo Taxi Transport Simulator will make all other limo driving games look a bit boring.





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