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Language Translator- Voice & Text translation

Language Translator- Voice & Text translation

by www.waaiztech.org

Language Translator- Voice & Text translation
Language Translator- Voice & Text translation

Speak and translate all languages voice translator to convert voice into Text with extraordinary feature of Speech to Text STT and Text to Speech TTS .
All language Translator enters text or speak to translate with multi language translator app. It supports more than 70+ languages which make it best Translator app ever. Chat to learn english app we have included about all languages translate by offline dictionary.
Voice translator free is best for students and travelers, who moved abroad. Free language translator and Speak to translate will help them to translate any text with language converter. Speak anything with audio translator and translate voice to communicate by best translator app.
Speak and translate voice translator is the best multiple free language translator app is a talking translator where you talk and translate it by pressing a button. Where voice to text converter convert audio to text by language converter. Here you can do voice typing in all language with audio translator.
Easy language translator
Photo Translator-Translate pictures by camera app
Image translator OCR is also available on smart text recognizer. Simple scan is complete Photo translator where user just scan photo and convert it to translation via OCR pro image to text in OCR text scanner. Camera translator easily takes lens translation skills to translate any board or page through Photo and camera translator feature by Photo Translator-Translate pictures by camera via simple scan.
Chat to learn English conversation where user will find to chat and text in any language he like. Chat translation in a foreign language easily conveys your voice to others. Chat to learn English voice is the most needful app for weather you travelling, socializing and even on a business trip.
Country capitals and currency app where user just select any country of their choice capitals of all countries in the world app. After selecting user can check county region detail where flag, name, country code, capital, region, sub region, population, area, time, currency and language can be seen on one screen easily from all languages translator.
offline English dictionary option is on oxford dictionary offline there in translate voice app where user can get meaning of word in any language by oxford dictionary offline, origin of word can be checked dictionary offline . Sentences can also be available on English dictionary offline option.
Currency converter free is also a useful option in world currency exchange where user just select country enter digit and convert. The easiest way to get the live exchange rate of all countries by Easy currency converter.

Audio translate make it easy to travel now & why not it assists with the language barrier. To remove language barrier just open this easy language translator and record voice and then select the language in which you need text with in few seconds it will translate.
Dictionary English Another benefit of text to speak app is that it can convert all type of text to speech to overcome language barrier. It's all language translator keyboard helps you to enter text via Free language translator. It is then converted into speech with the help of audio transcriber.
Features of Voice Translator app
• All language translator-free voice translation app
• Photo Translator Translate pictures by camera
• Exchange rates & currency converter
• Easy chat to learn English
• Dictionary app free
• Capitals of all countries in the world via country capitals and currency app
• Currency converter free
• Text to Speech TTS
• Easy English dictionary
How to use Voice Translator App: Translate all languages by language translator:
Speak and translate voice translator app record voice or write text on input field and then select your destination language by easy language translator.
All language dictionary app or multiple language translator respect intellectual property rights and did not use any copy rights asset.

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