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Kim Candy Don't get Soaked

Kim Candy Don't get Soaked

by Ninth App


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Kim Candy Don't get Soaked

SOAKED Kim Candy Saga.

Help Kim Candy escape the rain! Our little heroine has left home with no coat or umbrella and it has started to rain. Can you help her get home while avoiding those persistent raindrops? To make things twice as difficult you also have to help Kim’s twin sister…Double the characters, double the concentration!

How to Play:

Tap to the left or the right of each character to make them jump to the side. Move quickly to dodge the raindrops or it is game over! Avoid the lightning strikes and earn points to unlock new Kim’s to play with.

Avoiding the rapidly falling raindrops would be a challenge by itself but with SOAKED you get double the trouble! Challenge your concentration and your finger tapping skills and save both Kim and her twin from the stormy weather.

Creative changing backgrounds and simple gameplay make SOAKED both entertaining and addictive. Make SOAKED even more interesting and personalise your game by unlocking new Kim’s to play with! Fun, amusing and stimulating, SOAKED will definitely be your new favourite app!

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