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Kids Counting Games for Toddlers

Kids Counting Games for Toddlers

by Kids Counting Games


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Kids Counting Games for Toddlers
Kids Counting Games for Toddlers
Kids Counting Games for Toddlers
Kids Counting Games for Toddlers

123 Goobee is a set of unique educational kids counting games to learn counting numbers. It has been developed for preschool and kindergarten toddlers who start to have interests in basic counting numbers. Interactions with a unique character(Goobee) will amuse toddlers and make them eager to learn. All the number learning games are designed in a way that automatically adjust the level to match kids' / toddlers' level. As a result, it help them to acquire knowledge in basic counting, comparing, arranging, and adding. Children will simply love playing the kids counting games with full excitement.

Target Age: 3 year old to 5 year old(preschool toddlers & children)

Through the kids counting games, toddlers will be able to:
- Learn counting numbers from 123
- Learn how to write and trace numbers
- Develop basic math skills
- Remember the numeric order and the sequence

This numeric educational game for toddlers has helped countless parents, teachers, and kids from all over the globe for perfect learning.

" Count How Many " - Basic Counting Numbers -
A simple game that lets preschool kids to learn counting numbers 123. The game starts from small numbers and gets more difficult as more correct answers are provided.

" Number Balance " - Comparison -
Pick a tray with the same number of balls to match the balance. Goobee goes off balance if the number is not matched, and children can learn the concept of greater than / less than / equal to in numbers.

" Number Sequence " - Number Sequencing -
A free game to learn the order of numbers by picking the flags sequentially. When all the flags have been picked, pictures will show up on the sand.

"Magical Tracing" - Number Tracing -
In this game, children can learn how to write from 1 to 10 by tracing them. Goobee will play tricks with the drawn figures.

This Basic Counting Numbers game app includes easy to use interface which helps toddler and parents to learn without any misperception.

** Kids counting games below are included in additional game pack **

" Touch and Count " - Pointing and Counting -
Touch animals and vegetables to learn basic counting. Kids can learn that the counted numbers are irrelevant to the placement or the order of things that's being counted.

" Number Tower " - Number Sequencing greater than 10 -
Stack the blocks in numerical order to go higher! Kids can learn the concept of number ordering starting from 123 all the way up to 100 in this game(depending on settings). As the stack goes higher, children can eventually create a tower that reaches space!

" Add the Numbers " - Simple Addition -
Kids can learn how to add in this game. Animated foods will help kids to understand the basic concept of addition visually and intuitively. You may be able to find what Goobee's favorite food is in this game.

" Shoot the Target " - Basic Math Questions -
By solving math questions such as comparing, counting, sequencing and adding, this game helps kids to develop earliest math skills. Kids can utilize the skills gained through other games to solve the questions. High score will be recorded in this game to encourage children to learn more.

Inspire your toddler to learn basic math’s via toddler learning game by different methods like basic counting numbers, number comparison, number sequencing, number tracing etc. Try today these math activities with our preschool kids game for your toddler.

This kids counting games for kids is one of its kinds of exceptional App made by EMK Fun Lab.

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