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Keep Your Country & City Town Clean & Green

Keep Your Country & City Town Clean & Green

by Gameimake

Keep Your Country & City Town Clean & Green
Keep Your Country & City Town Clean & Green
Keep Your Country & City Town Clean & Green
Keep Your Country & City Town Clean & Green
Keep Your Country & City Town Clean & Green

Country cleaning is the fundamental duty of every citizen. Cleanliness is not considered as a responsibility it needs to be considered as our daily routine work and should be added in our necessary part of life. That's why we make this Country Cleaning game. In this cleaning game, we included so many cleaning views like swimming pool cleaning, building cleaning, river cleaning, road cleaning, beach cleaning, garden cleaning, garbage sorting, air, land and noise pollution, remove graffiti on the roadside wall and much more.

The fresh river is a great resource for water. So it's time to show your cleaning skills and use different cleaning tools to clean river, swimming pool, beach and more. In garden cleaning, you need to collect garbage and remove the dust from the garden using different tools. Make sure no area is left during cleaning in this country game.

This cleaning game also consists of Wastage Recycling. It includes separation of different wastages into different categories and sends them for the recycling. In this cleanup game, you need to remove the cave painting and graffiti on the side wall of the road. Keep air, noise, and land clean for saving our trees and to make healthy and pure environment.

Key Features of cleaning game:

- Learn how to keep our garden clean and healthy
- Swimming pool should have sparkling blue clear water
- Organic compost making plant
- Learn importance of air, water and land 
- Keep roads net and clean using various tools
- Maintain building cleanliness in this educational game
- Easy to remove material for recycling
- Must save environment
- Perform wastage recycle and reuse activity
- One of the best cleaning game for girls

Remember, Earth is made up of so many different resources, without which it is impossible to live. So, save these resources. Play this awesome Country Cleaning game and learn to make our country clean and make our environment fresh and pleasant.

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