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Jumpin Jack Puzzle Game

Jumpin Jack Puzzle Game

by Morpheous


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Jumpin Jack Puzzle Game

Do not misread this as an only for kids game!. Jumpin Jack is an Ultimate Brain Booster Puzzle Game For All Ages ! We Guarantee you will love it ! :)

How to play the game:

The experience starts with the titular character named Jack who will act as your Jump Master. Here you can solve puzzles by just jumping and then matching the patterns that you find on the 3 dimensional squares. However, you could be mistaken if you thought that this jumping game is that easy. The life of Jumping Jack depends on how quickly you are able to jump and react to the sinkholes that keep opening just like that! In that respect it is a really challenging game and a one of the tricky puzzles around. The Jack Meter is used to keep the score you make in the game. How fast you are able to complete the game determines the score that you get on the Jack Meter.

How it is better and different from other Puzzle Games:

Apart from its unique gameplay and challenges, one of the major advantages of this 3D game is that there are 10 characters that you can take your pick from. The newest, and perhaps with the maximum cool quotient, among these is the Santa-Jack. You can also change your characters as and when you go on to a new level. There are over 120 levels and levels get added on regular basis.

Features and benefits of Jumping Jack:

• If you are not happy with the score your Jump Master has got at a particular level, you can always go back, play it again, try and improve your highest score in that level. This will only help increase your total score in the end.
• The game features an arcade console style layout – this is something that you will not see anywhere else. Here you can receive live ranking and create your own profile.
• You can also verify your Jack Meter and compete with other players from different corners of the world. You can also check who are the 100 most intelligent and quickest Jumping Jacks across the world and then try and improve your scores.

Here are a few Highlights:

? Very Simple to Play & Understand, yet very challenging with hours of game play.
? You can choose from 10 different 3D Jacks with newest, coolest Santa-Jack and change it whenever you want during different levels
? A staggering 120 levels and many more levels in development
? Replay any level - beat your last score and increase your overall score
? Unique Arcade Console style game layout
? LIVE Ranking. Create Your Profile, Check your Jack Meter & Compete with rest of the World
? View the 100 fastest and smartest of all Jumpin Jacks worldwide & beat their scores
? Take your picture, give your Jack a name and share your Jack Meter on Social Media

????? "Super awesome brain booster .. Mindsome .... liked it ... loved it ... "
????? "The best puzzle game I played ... Very new concept ... very challenging puzzle game.. "
????? "Awesome game and Interesting to play.. very good work ...keep it up. .. "

♥ ♥ ♥ Play Jumpin Jack today! Have Fun ! ♥ ♥ ♥

"Like" Jumpin Jack on - https://www.facebook.com/jumpin.jack.game

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