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Jumpea - Free Crossy Tree

Jumpea - Free Crossy Tree

by Morgan Ngo


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Jumpea - Free Crossy Tree
Jumpea - Free Crossy Tree
Jumpea - Free Crossy Tree
Jumpea - Free Crossy Tree
Jumpea - Free Crossy Tree

Have you tried hoopla – a spring game in real-life? Jumpea is the casual game simulated the adventure to find a magic of the gorgeous lost seed when going into the woods. Spring and fling your way through dangerous enemy under the weeds in this complex action platform!
The goal is simple: go as high as possible to reach the horizon, finding aurora, get more points by collecting light and water, and dodge the enemy, sometime it’s really complex. Then, you can boost your character to new gorgeous, awesome, progressive seeds: peony, sunflower… all for free

1. Feature:
- Intuitive fling game play
- Into the woods, start an adventure
- Full game center support to compete with friends and foes
- Boost you way up into horizon like a pioneer in the revolution
- Always free
- Discover new land, finding aurora, horizon
- Complex,progressive, awesome, gorgeous
- Compelling progressive: reach a new score or amass enough points to unlock new gorgeous, awesome, progressive characters: Peony, sunflower...by dodging the enemy
- Fling to dodge the enemy and keep your peony or sunflower seed alive

2. How to play:
- Like hoopla game, spring down your finger then fling to boost the seeds up to the branch to reach the horizon, finding aurora
- Into the wood, collect all the light from aurora, water to get points and open new seeds: peony, sunflower... Uhmmmawesome!
- Dodge the worms, magic ladybug and magic dung-beetle moving under the weeds
Play and share with your friends to see who will get higher score first. Finally, you can rate and send us feedback about Jumpea to Ominext JSC via email:support@ominext.com

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