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Jewel Crush Games 2020

Jewel Crush Games 2020

by itech


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Jewel Crush Games 2020

Jewel Crush Games 2020 is an interesting game! Crush the jewels, All levels are designed Attentively! It is simple and fun, but also quite challenging.

Jewel Crush Games 2020 is new updated in 2020. Call on your friends and play together! Swipe, match and blast your way through this fansy jewels puzzle adventure! See who will unlock all the ancient jewel temple and castles and win the magical jewel blast power!

How To Play Jewel Crush Games 2020
★ Match 3 precious jewels in a line to crush them.
★ Match 4 gemstones to create special lightning jewels. Lightning jewels
can make a blast to destroy all jewels in a row or column.
★ Match 5 gemstones in a line to create special color jewels. Color jewels
can destroy all jewels with the same color of selected jewels .
★ Match 6 gemstones can create a more powerful lightning jewel. It can
destroy all jewels in a row AND a column.
★ Combine 2 special jewels together to make different kinds of fantastic
effects to help you pass the level.

Jewel Crush Games 2020 is a new game. It is simple and fun, but also quite challenging. Easy to play, difficult to master. All levels are designed attentively. Your mission is to win the Jewels Stars. Pass these match 3 jewel levels and try to get all jewel stars in each level to unlock castles.

Features Jewel Crush Games 2020
- Match 3 jewels to win the jewel's bomb and 1 lighting.
- The timing bonus can extend the playing time.
- Every match from 3 jewels you will accumulate energy for mighty bomb,
that helps to destroy obstacles for you.
- For the frozen jewel, you can eliminate the jewels around to release it.
- The lightning jewel can eliminate jewels in one row.

Jewel Crush Games 2020 Having fun at a treasure hunt, no matter what, you could make your own combinations of treasures more special by using some pirate features in order to help collecting the jewels easily ,the game it seems like actually are hunting for a buried treasure with the other players, So There are many great ways to make your own puzzle solved in this Jewel Crush Games 2020.

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