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Jetball Saga - Simple but Addictive

Jetball Saga - Simple but Addictive

by OneGameStudio


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Jetball Saga - Simple but Addictive
Jetball Saga - Simple but Addictive
Jetball Saga - Simple but Addictive

"Jetball Saga is Simple, but Addictive."
***This game is always hot of 2017***
Swipe your finger up to throw balls and break bricks!
The angle is key point!
How long can you survive on the Jetball Saga?

Game Features:
- Unlock balls, including some unique ball, simple ball, super mini ball, even soccer ball.
- Easy and fun to play, challenging to break endless stage.
- Using physical game engine. 
- Colorful UI, Fun sound effects.

This aim and shoot game, comes with a super cool interface, stunning graphics and great surrounding sounds and realistic effects. This game is as simple as aiming the little cannon at the targets and simply shoot at them.
Note that, each shape comes with a number inside, and you should keep shooting at the shapes, until their numbers reach zero.
So, you need to be fast, precise and persistent. You just need to take your time and try this aiming and shooting game for a few times to completely get used to the game play.
After that, you just need to focus on your shooting skills and take down as many shapes as possible, save the earth and of course improve your personal record.

While you are all alone in this puzzle game and you have just one little, yet powerful cannon to shoot at the bricks, there are some power-up which can come very handy in danger.
By collecting these power-ups, you may extend your life, increase the damage radius and effect all balls of row or columns, and the chance for a random direction when the ball hits a shape.

A Jetball Saga Main Features at a Glance:
•Easy to learn, hard to master
•Neat and clean design with surrounding sounds
•Wonderful backgrounds and environments
•Different challenges and puzzles
•Fun for all ages

A Jetball Saga covers everything you should expect from such simple yet exciting aim & shoot games.
This game is really addictive and you may lose the time after playing it for a while.

Share your screenshots online such as Facebook or Instagram.
Enjoy Jetball Saga while you commute, on a date, in the bus or subway, waiting at the bank and so on. Anytime, anywhere you can play Jetball Saga!!

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