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iStressChecker - Fitness App

iStressChecker - Fitness App

by Alina ASO


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iStressChecker - Fitness App
iStressChecker - Fitness App
iStressChecker - Fitness App
iStressChecker - Fitness App

The iStressChecker app is a product by The StressChecker Company. The app is used in combination with the Bluetooth heart rate monitor by The StressChecker Company.

The app has been developed for use by consumers as well as health professionals, sports trainers & coaches, companies, organizations and health insurance providers.

Using a special license code, professionals can create and manage accounts on behalf of their patients and clients.

Why use the iStressChecker?

The iStressChecker is aimed at helping you to gain more self-awareness as the basis for developing your own unique lifestyle full of vitality – a lifestyle that suits who you are, what you want, what you can cope with and what gives you a sense of fulfilment.

How does the iStressChecker help?

1. It helps you to register your daily stress level, your living habits and the social and work-related pressures you experience.

2. It helps to visualise the patterns in your stress level and your stress factors as the input for deciding which stress factor(s) to tackle first.

3. It helps you to evaluate whether your approach to tackling the selected stress factor(s) is actually improving your relaxation level and vitality.

How does the iStressChecker work?

1. You measure your heart rhythm using the heart rate monitor and answers questions about your living habits and circumstances on a daily basis.

2. You evaluate the results of your approach on a weekly basis.

3. You continue to adapt and change your stress factor(s) until you have achieved the maximum possible results.

Usage options:

1. Morning Reading

2. Real-time Reading

3. Experimental Reading

4. Self-reflection

5. LifeStyle Monitor

Attention! The iStressChecker readings may show unreliable results in the case of people suffering from heart conditions, frequently occurring cardiac arrhythmia or with a pacemaker, or people who are currently taking medication that influences the heart rhythm.

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