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Islamicque: Muslims Guide App

Islamicque: Muslims Guide App

by Islamic international

Islamicque: Muslims Guide App
Islamicque: Muslims Guide App
Islamicque: Muslims Guide App
Islamicque: Muslims Guide App
Islamicque: Muslims Guide App

In this app(Islamicque) we provide everything which Muslims need in daily life.
It is Islam 360 means a complete guide toward Islam. Anyone downloaded the Islamic quotes for free.

Durood sharif:
Islamic Guide App has a collection of Darood sharifs such as durood e Ibrahim(درود ابراہیمی۔), taj & tanjeena, and many more.
In this app, we give the user different types of Islamic quotes such as
-Hazrat Ali Quotes(حضرت علی اقوال)
-Allam Iqbal Quotes(علامہ اقبال اقوال )
-Islamic quotes status
Allama Iqbal(offline):
This app has the collection of Allam Iqbal poetry ( جواب شکوہ), which you copy and share easily for free in Urdu.
Hazrat Ali(offline):
Hazrat Ali quotes to guide us on how we pass way our life and give a guide about the different
Problems in life.
Islamic book:
This app gives the user an online free Islamic book reading platform where everyone reade
the Islamic book and increase knowledge.
Dua & Naat(نعت):
Islamic international app have the collection of 50+ Dua (offline),40+naats(offline) .These things help you to connect with Islam Allah.
Allah & Muhammad 99 names are also in the app .you easily read the name with meaning and translation.
A digital tasbeeh counter is also part of the app in which you count the tasbih on click &reset the tasbeeh.

This app contain the famous surah of Quran.
-surah Rehman
-surah Yasin
-surah mulk
-surah Muzzammil
-surah Al-Waqi'a

4 kul (چار قل شریف) and 6 kalma(کلمے) are also part of app . 6 kalma have the counter feature .
Start your day with AYATUL KURSI (آیت الکرسی) and become a part of life.

Zakat calculator :
In this app, we give a simple zakat calculator for Muslims as a tool to help them.

This app contains a Lage number of articles, which you read and share with your friends with one click. you read every day new ahdis in Urdu text and share them. what app group links are provided in the app .you share and copy the what's app group link from the app. you easily join the Islamic what's app group from the link. we have a large collection of what's app group links and these links update day after day.
What's app message is a new feature in the app in which you share what's App message with friends and family and enjoy them.
Guide towerd Islam:
Method of bathing(غسل کا طریقہ)
Urdu :gusal ka tarika
Namaz(نماز کا طریقہ)
Urdu:namaz ka tarika
Namaz e janaza(نماز جنازہ کا طریقہ)
Urdu :namaz e janaza ka tarika
Wazu ka trika Urdu(وضو کا طریقہ)
Umrah guide
(حج اور عمرہ کا طریقہ)
Umrah ka trika
Lohay qurani
Dua and guide for Ramzan for Muslim.
Islamic what's app Dp:
Everyone downloads what's app Dp from the app for free and shares it with friends. if you now looking for the Islamic app where you download the Muslim dp this place is for you. download and share what's app dp for free.
In-app we give us Islamic general knowledge (اسلامی جنرل نالج) and Islamic fact offline. it can increase your knowledge and daily life.
Islamic event with date gives you information about a special day for Muslims.
Azan or azan ka kawab.
Disclaimer: All images are copyrighted by their prospective owners.
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