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Industrial calculator

Industrial calculator

by AS solution


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Industrial calculator

The industrial calculator helps you in your daily routine calculations like calculate building materials, pipe fitting dimensions or tank’s volume.
The industrial calculator is providing unexpendable assistant during industrial calculations.
A small list of our industrial calculator features:
Concrete calculator – helps you to calculate slab, steps, column and footing type of concrete volume, mixer, and weight and costing. It also helps you to find out brick’s quantity and cost in a wall.
Metal Weight and Length calculator – helps you to calculate the weight and length of 20+ metals in 11 different types of shapes. Saved and share option of the calculation for future references
Tank Volume calculator – helps you to calculate vertical, horizontal, elliptical and rectangle type of tank volume. Tank volume can be converted into m ³, liter, U.K Gallon, U.S Gallon or BBL. Tank type is further divided into torispherical head, conical bottom, flat bottom, Elliptical head and Hemispherical head.
Fasteners dimension calculator – helps you to calculate dimension of bolt, nut, pin and washer in ASTM, ISO, JIS and DIN standard.
Bolt is further divided into Countersunk, Hex Head, Hex Head Flange, Button Head, Set Screw, Socket Head and Square Head.
Nut is further divided into Cap Nut, Hex Nut, Hex Flange, Hex Slotted, Square Nut and Wing Nut.
Pin is further divided into Pins, Clevis Pin, Cylindrical and Taper.
Washer is further divided into Washer, Plain Washer, Spring Washer, Taper Washer and Square Washer.

Pipe Fitting calculator – helps you to calculate dimension of different pipes and fitting like pipe size, pipe clamp, pipe fitting, pipe flange, pipe branch, pipe plug, pipe nipple, pipe coupling, pipe tee, pipe cap, pipe reducer, pipe elbow, pipe union, pipe hanger and pipe gaskets. NPS and DN both type of standard is provided with imperial & metric unit conversion.

Fits and Tolerances – helps you to calculate hole and shaft’s maximum-minimum diameter for up to 400mm nominal dia. It also provides the type of clearances generated between these two matching parts hole & shaft.

Beam Load calculators – helps you to find out the applicable loads on 19 different type of beam combinations. The load diagram, legends and load calculation formula also added and brick calculator

Bolt Torque Calculator – helps you to find out the toque value apply on different type of nut and bolt. Bolt is further divided into 20+ steel grades and four type of coating.

Unit Conversion Calculator – helps you to convert 70+ types of different units

Base Converter – helps you to convert value from Base 2 to Base 36. Common base Bin, Octal, Hex and dec is also separately provided.

Text Translator – help you to convert your text into coding form. Binary ,hexadecimal, Octal, ASCII and Morse conversion is added for text.


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