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Improve English Speaking

Improve English Speaking

by Karan Singh


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Improve English Speaking
Improve English Speaking
Improve English Speaking
Improve English Speaking
Improve English Speaking

Improve English Speaking Application is a basic Application. Improve English Speaking provides powerful tools to Speak English fluently.

Who feels to hesitation in English Speaking, lack of confidence to talk in English but have the basic knowledge of Speaking English and English Grammar, provides the step by steps to get fluency in English Speaking. 

This Application is native App so use any time, any where after the download the application no need of internet, learning English and to build English skills anytime anywhere.

This Application update time time to add new features to benefits the English Speaking Users to in hence there Communication Skills of English.

You can follow these simple steps to Improve English Speaking-

1-Part of Speech
2- The English Tense System
3- Learn Phrases
4- Tongue Twisters
5- Try to Reading Novel, In this way you will learn real spoken language.
6- Synonyms
7- Antonyms
8- Number Homophones
9. Vocabulary Word
10. Participate in English conversations
11- Learn Most Common Grammatical Mistakes
12- Learn Most Common Incorrectly Used Words
You can Download Android Application in Google Play for Speak English Fluently - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.brain2016.speakenglishfluently
13- Do Individual Learning
14- Do Group Learning
15- Watch English Movies and Songs
16- Make handy paper slips
17- Take Help from best friend/relative
18- Pronunciation Tips
19- Do not translate in your native language - Think in English only
20- Practice, Practice and Practice
21- Use gestures: These include gestures with your hands and face. Make your whole body talk.
22- Speak in front of mirror
23- Participate in English conversations: Listen, talk and learn
24- Make eye contact with the person with whom you are talking
25- Read English News Papers

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