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iMarketing Center

iMarketing Center

by Marketing 24/7, LLC


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iMarketing Center
iMarketing Center
iMarketing Center
iMarketing Center

iMarketing Center is the first email marketing and text marketing (sms marketing) integration for android environment. This app is designed to help you manage and schedule your email marketing and text marketing campaign efficiently.

If you are a fan of automation marketing, bulk sms or bulk email... iMarketing Center also good for you.

The most impressive features of iMarketing Center are the email composer (WYSIWYG/HTML editor), a lot of email templates, the multi connection email sender, the best email scheduler, smart email checker and much more... Text marketing (sms marketing)'s features are not only included all of email marketing's features above but also include sms auto reply, sms auto followup, sms auto subscription and sms auto unsubscription.

Highlight features:

1. The powerful email marketing composer: it is a WYSIWYG like HTML editor, helps you compose your business email easily, support adding image, hyperlink, text style, font...
2. A lot of add-in templates: more than 100 email templates (in pro version) already designed as HTML emails, cover a lot of business domains... you can reuse them to save your time.
3. Contact groups manager: the full contact tracking information help you keep track of your customer information like name, email, phone, birthday, website, company, address, job ... and notes.
4. Allow to add up to 4 user defined fields.
5. Support tags to personalize your email marketing and text marketing (e.g. #firstname# -> Tom).
6. Powerful email marketing sender: you can define as many send connections as you like to save your sending time. Depends on the powerful of you SMTP server, you can define up to 8 connections to send your email concurrency.
7. Multiple SMTP servers support (up to 4).
8. Support spintax: helps you create multiple copies of the original email.
9. Email tracking: helps you track your sending status like how many emails opened, how many links clicked.
10. Support pause/resume/continue sending: you can stop sending anytime, and continue with the remainder anytime too.
11. The useful email scheduler (automatic email sender): if you have a lot of contact groups and you do not want to send them now, you can schedule to send them in the future, it is very easy with iMarketing Center.
12. Import contacts, export contacts: fully support import and export from many sources like yahoo, outlook, gmail... and also from your device contacts. The standard format is based on Microsoft email contact format.
13. Easy to subscribe/unsubscribe a new contact, just only one tap.
14. Easy to backup/restore your database, scheduled backup daily or weekly.
15. Smart email verifier: smart email tester was integrated, help you check email existence base on email syntax, email domain, mail exchange server...
16. Powerful text marketing (sms marketing) sender that you can send up to 3600 texts per hour.
17. SMS auto reply & SMS auto subscription base on keywords. Unlimited keywords support.
18. SMS auto followup after a specific time.
19. Time based text schedule and birthday text schedule.
20. Phone number verification (check to find that your number is landline or mobile)

... and more in our website: https://email-247.appspot.com

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