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Imamia Jantri Official

Imamia Jantri Official

by Iftikhar Book Depot

Imamia Jantri Official

Looking for Islamic guidelines from Sunni and Shia schools of thought? Or in need of on-the-go Daily Duas, Prayer timings, Namaz, dates of Islamic Events, Qibla Direction or scholarly articles and discussion about Quran & Aayaat? You don’t need to Google this information anymore as Imamia Jantri Official will answer all your Islamic queries with just a few clicks!
Being the sole publisher and distributor of Imamia Jantri for over three decades, Iftikhar Book Depot’s Imamia Jantri Official brings you detailed and authentic insights on Shia and Sunni way of life, covering all the major discussion points – from Duas, Ziaraat and Islamic Books to everyday religious information such as Daily Horoscopes, Hijri Date Converter, Quotes, Iqwal and Islamic Calendar. Whether you are seeking Deeni knowledge for a business transaction, a family dispute, an unresolved dialog between a Shia Muslim and Sunni Muslim or need to make a decision for a marriage proposal based on Islamic Istikharah, this app will provide all the authentic answers that you are looking for with references from renowned Shia and Sunni Scholars.

What’s in it for you?

Everything you need to know about:

 Namaz
 Dua
 Ziarat
 Islamic Calendar
 Horoscope
 Ayat
 Durood
 Date Converter
 Quran
 Quotes
 Islamic Events
 Iqwal
 Qibla Direction

Why Should You Trust this App?

Imamia Jantri Official is the only original, copyright protected app by Iftikhar Book Depot - the sole publisher, distributor and reseller of Imamia Jantri worldwide.

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