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ICam Selfie Camera Scene Modes

ICam Selfie Camera Scene Modes

by Junaid Hassan


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ICam Selfie Camera Scene Modes
ICam Selfie Camera Scene Modes
ICam Selfie Camera Scene Modes
ICam Selfie Camera Scene Modes
ICam Selfie Camera Scene Modes
ICam Selfie Camera Scene Modes
ICam Selfie Camera Scene Modes

ICam Selfie Camera Scene Modes plus Image Editor Simply says what it has in all!
I You
Cam Camera
Selfie Selfie
Its all about You when you simply captures a Great Selfie of YouICam Selfie is a Smart Phone Camera App which is designed to let the users capture their best and unforgettable moments in a memorable way. It provides all those features, that an old fashioned digital camera can allow you to use! Now you can convert your Smart Phone Camera to a Featured Digital Camera, totally free
It has the following Great Features

• Camera Scene Modes
ICam Selfie provides multiple Camera Scene Modes, all free and with ease just on your finger tipsICam Selfie has the following Camera Scene Modes, offering
• Portrait Scene Mode
Perfect for you to take capture Portrait Selfies, with Portrait Camera Scene Mode you can capture your selfie in a portrait mode to enhance Auto Face Detection and Portrait priority
• Landscape Scene Mode
This mode allows you to get as much of the scene in focus as possible, and will occasionally boost saturation on greens, blues, and reds to render Selfies that pop so you can get most out of your Landscape Selfies
• Night Scene Mode (Portrait Available)
This mode allows you for capturing selfies in low light, preserving detail in the dark areas without blowing out bright objects, like streetlights, and to get as much of the Selfies scene in focus
• Theater Scene Mode
Shoot Selfies like if, you're in Theater, with the Theater Scene Mode!
• Beach & Snow Scene Modes
This scene mode does that automatically if it's a Snow-only mode, then it might adjust the white balance to compensate for the fact that reflected snow looks bluish rather than white
• Sunset Scene Mode
A variation of Night Landscape Scene Mode, this scene mode assumes slightly more available light allowing you for a lower ISO sensitivity and faster shutter speed plus bumps up the saturation
• Steady Photo Scene Mode
The Steady Photo Scene Mode increases the shutter speed and by doing so it allows your for less light into the camera sensor, Steady Photo Scene Mode is useful for outdoor selfies when keeping the phone steady is difficult Steady Photo Scene Mode provides the Auto Stabilization
• Fireworks Scene Mode
Fireworks Scene Mode allows you to capture Selfies with Fireworks shutter speed and exposure are set for shooting fireworks pre focusing auto enhances your Selfies during Fireworks 
• Sports Scene Mode
The Sports Scene Mode allows your Selfie to freeze fast-moving subjects. To do so, the Sports Scene Mode allows camera to bump up the shutter speed as high as possible, which frequently requires raising the ISO sensitivity as well
• Party Scene Mode
Party Scene mode allows you to take selfies in a dim lit room; exposure and shutter speed are automatically adjusted for room brightness
• HDR Availables
You can use the HDR Feature both for the front and the back camera as most of the modern smart phones can, Auto Stabilizes, Auto Enhance your Selfies
• Face Detection
With Face Detection available for the front as well as back camera you can enhance your Face Properties just capture the Selfie with Auto Enhancement!
• Mirror Effect
With Mirror Effect you can flip your capture Selfie from front as well as back camera too
• Time Stamp
Ever wished to use Time Stamp on your captured Selfie as most of the digital cameras do Yes ICam Selfie provides you with this optional feature so you can Time Stamped
Current Time
Current Date
Current Location
Besides all you have mute the Selfie Capture Sound Red Eye Detector Face Detection Image Editor

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