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I am - Positive Affirmations

I am - Positive Affirmations

by prazasta


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I am - Positive Affirmations
I am - Positive Affirmations
I am - Positive Affirmations
I am - Positive Affirmations

Change your life and achieve success, happiness, and contentment with the I am - Positive Affirmations App.

Transform life with this health app and foster personal development, self-confidence, forgiveness, gratitude, healing, self-love and peace of mind. Positive energy will help you defeat depression and achieve life goals, creating a vibrant, powerful, happy lifestyle.

How I am - Positive Affirmations app help?

With a powerful subconscious mind, our thoughts can be manifested into a reality. A well-wired subconscious mind helps you in achieving your goals.

Affirmation is a technique to fill our minds with positive thoughts and visualisations, enabling them to transform them into reality. It is a new age practice for fostering positive thinking and self-empowerment which can bring a significant positive change in your life.

# As Buddha said: "What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

If the brain believes whatever you think, It works Vice versa so you think positively for yourself, you can rewire it and help make it able to manifest the reality you desire.

Our App Offers:

Get Daily Notifications: Get notified every day with the 'I am' mantras and affirmation quotes to rewire your subconscious mind with positive thoughts.

Create & Share your affirmations:

Choose what you want to change and manifest in life. Read or write your affirmation quotes, and live by what you believe. Share your positive affirmations with your friends through various social media platforms and spread positivity in the world.

Add widgets to the home screen:

Add your affirmations as a widget to your home screen so that you can glance at them every time you unlock your phone.

Self Transformation with ‘mirror’ technique:

Infuse your mind with positive 'I am' mantras through an affirmation camera. See your reflection in repeat your I am affirmation aloud to yourself.

Customise affirmation quotes:

See your 'I am' quotes in customised themes and typography of your choice. Customise your affirmation quotes the way you desire and acquire positive thinking.

Choose from various categories:

Choose what you want to change in your life from tens of categories, including self-love, body positivity, health, well-being, self-esteem, relationships, career, mindset, stress, anxiety, mindset, and much more.

Set Reminders:

Make your affirmations more powerful and effective by repeating them several times a day. Add reminders that notify you to remind these mantras in a day.

Rewire your brain:

Repeat these daily 'I am' mantras to build a positive mindset and reprogram your subconscious mind to receive an abundance of bright results in your life.

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