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Hoop Messenger

Hoop Messenger

by Mobiman


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Hoop Messenger
Hoop Messenger
Hoop Messenger
Hoop Messenger
Hoop Messenger
Why Hoop Messenger?

👋🏻 About Hoop

A team of 3 created Hoop Messenger to build a lite, simple & secure messaging application. While other messaging apps are not innovating, Hoop is creating an application for the people. We are on a mission to build an all in one application. Hoop is driven by these 5 values.

✋ Users Come First: We're working for speed, security, and reliability.

🌍 A Borderless World is a Better World: With Hoop, you do not have to worry about government censorships. Hoop will always work in the toughest situations.

🗣 Communication is Essential: We provide a platform for people to connect, for communities to interact, workplaces to advance. Hoop is a showstopper

🏆 Be Fearless & Authentic: You can express yourself fully on Hoop because you never have to worry about your privacy or security being compromised.

⛷ Do More with Less: Hoop is light on data and fast on slow speeds. We're here to accel, not to slow you down.

Hoop Messenger is a secure messaging application. Join our worldwide community of people who make free calls, chat with their loved ones and partake in channels and subtopics.

What Hoop offers

🗺 Worldwide Accessibility

No matter where you are, Hoop connects you with your loved ones. Hoop is not blocked in any country, so it can be used to make voice calls, send messages, browse the web without using any VPN services. By the way, Hoop has a built-in VPN browser

🔐 Data Protection

Hoop cares about your privacy and security. All your communication through the Vault is end-to-end encrypted, so no one - not even Hoop - can access them.

📞 High-Quality Calls

Enjoy crystal-clear encrypted voice calls and HD video calls wherever you are, even with a slow internet connection or overloaded Wi-Fi network.

💬 Customizable Chats

Express yourself however you wish. Hoop allows you to create your own sticker, emojis, and memes! Share any type of files of any format or size. Create channels and subtopics up to 100,000 users 😊

📱 Online Calling

Texting and online calls with Hoop users are always free.

🎨 Public Channels

Hoop Public Channels host a strong community of bloggers, content creators, travelers, models, photographers, influencers, and social activists. Follow channels for unique content such as articles, photos, and videos. Join OR make your own channel and build a community around your interests.

🛃 Encryption done right.

Hoop is encrypted and can keep you connected in any situation. It's the perfect calling app if you're discussing business or just connecting with friends and family.

🔑 Key Features

🔒 E2E encryption

⬛ Vault/Safe box to encrypt/hide photos, videos and any type of documents

🎭 Multiple Aliases which cannot be traced to master account

🌐 VPN browser

🤙 Unblocked secure phone and video calls

🎺 Channels and Subtopics to build groups and communities

🖱️ Remote delete your account from anywhere

⏱️ Timed messages

🗡️ Unfiltered communications

♥️ Ad-free, secure and fast.

🐧 Anonymous social media

⚙️ Pin code protection, total app/account protection from unwanted eyes.

Do you believe in the power of communication?

What are you waiting for? Join the millions of people who are enjoying free calls, instant connection, and secure communication with Hoop Messenger app.

Happy Hooping 😊

Follow us!

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Hoopmessenger

Questions or comments? Email us: contact@hoopmessenger.com

Hoop Messenger is a lite, simple, secure, fast, and fun messaging app that allows you to communicate with your friends and family anywhere in the world for FREE!

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