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Heavy Gunship Helicopter War

Heavy Gunship Helicopter War

by Famous Games Inc

Heavy Gunship Helicopter War
Heavy Gunship Helicopter War
Heavy Gunship Helicopter War
Heavy Gunship Helicopter War
Heavy Gunship Helicopter War

Action Game Lovers would love this Gunship Heli Strike game. Start war by sitting in gunner seat of Thunder Helicopter and beat enemy with your gunship helicopter full loaded with Guns and Missiles.
This Gunship war need 2 heavy Strikes in different missions. Enemy base and Enemy camp is also full loaded with heavy Gunship Tanks you need to take care of that and avoid tower enemy as it can destroy your helicopter and camp enemy as well.
Radar show enemies, red dots update is alert feature of game that will alter by updating dot enemies red. Try to strike enemy before enemy alert. Different type of enemy special tanks will be on different island so it’s your turn to show some game action.
US Army helicopter is also added with power x helicopter and x air us air jet fighter helicopters. It’s kind of Helicopter vs Gunship tanks Gunship Battle, where you have skills to beat unit 2 with high quality helicopter offline.

Enemy Army unit worldwide with gunship tanks occupied green valley, you need to just play the game with full joy, thrill and action, with your gunship helicopter enter the death zone and clearing area is mission.
When enemies are in front of you, you mission is to aim plan to strike the targeted point and keep yourself safe form enemy fire and rocket launcher.

Being trained chopper striker, strong enemy is nothing in front of you. So strategically fire your powerful machine guns and devastating missiles to slay hordes of enemies as you entered the mid filed of death war.
Gunship war combines tactics, flying skills and perfect chopper striking abilities.
Be aware of enemy and you need to target mid field of diploid area camps, ships, towers, gunship tanks and other heavy ammo equipment.

But Be cool, You are loaded with powerful machine guns, Drone Missiles with auto target finding abilities, so just beat the enemy at any cost.
Desert Mountain and deep seas are different environment area with different levels and missions.

Game Features:

-- Different Armors to protect
-- Air strike to save you
-- High Quality Chopper
-- Heavy Gunship Helicopter
-- Challenging missions
-- Realistic 3d environments
-- Air Attack
-- Multiple Gunship War Helicopters
-- Realistic sound effects
-- 14 + reals missions.

How To Play:

-- Use Joystick to move forward/Backward Left and right.
-- Tilt you device to Move UP/Down
-- Aim red spot to Target the Enemy
-- Hit Fire button to multiple fire straight.
-- Hit Missile button to target the Enemy.
-- Clear the Area from enemy and Start new Level.

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