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Happy Kids Timer Morning

Happy Kids Timer Morning

by Evoprox


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Happy Kids Timer Morning
Happy Kids Timer Morning
Happy Kids Timer Morning
Happy Kids Timer Morning
Happy Kids Timer Morning
Happy Kids Timer Morning

Great way to encourage children to be independent *****

Happy Kids Timer is an educational and motivational game aimed to help your kid with morning and evening chore activities and become more independent.

Do you struggle every morning to have your children get ready for school and leave the home on time? With Happy Kids Timer app bedtime doesn't have to be challenging either.
Let Happy Kids Timer to teach them to make the bed, brush teeth, eat breakfast or pack the lunch box.
You should give this game a try, if your child suffers from ADHD or autism.

Does it sound like a dream to you?
Establish morning and evening routines at your home without never-ending fights and reminding what to do.

How does it work?
The app contains 8 most common morning and 7 evening chores with appealing animations and emotionally uplifting music.
This app is operated by your child, whom carries the mobile device with him/her to each area/room where the task needs to be carried out/completed.

Kid collects stars for each successfully accomplished activity within defined time and is awarded by parents for agreed target amount of stars collected.

Free version is fully functional and allows play the game, however, with predefined settings only.

Need more customization? Paid version will give you more control over daily routines:

– add 4 custom activities or change activity order to better fit your home habits,
– change duration or minimal duration time to better motivate kid,
– specify reward, target stars amount and email/print a certificate after defined amount of stars collected,
– and more.

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