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Handyman Calculator

Handyman Calculator

by 10mB


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Handyman Calculator
Handyman Calculator
Handyman Calculator
Handyman Calculator

Handyman calculator is a free app for construction calculators. You can use it to estimate the construction costs and to calculate the materials for your house.

The Handyman construction calculator supports all units including feet, inches, yards, centimetres, and meters. Therefore, the same construction calculator app can be used in Germany, the USA, Spain, or India.

This construction calculator app is equally useful to DIY enthusiasts and professionals such as civil engineers and mechanical engineers. It is all in one carpenter calculator. There is a calculator for everything.

Handyman calculator is divided into different categories for your convenience.

Popular Calculators: Favourite calculators among users
- Wallpaper calculator
- Paint calculator
- Brick calculator
- Drywall calculator
- Rise run calculator
- House building calculator
- Carpenter calculator
- Plywood calculator
- Plants calculator
- Air Conditioner
- Firewood calculator
- Rain water calculator
- Grout calculator
- Rebar calculator
- Pool calculator
- Deck Baluster calculator
- Wood fence calculator

Concrete Calculators: Calculates how much concrete you need. It includes the following concrete calculators.
- Concrete slab calculator
- Concrete bag calculator
- Concrete yard calculator
- Concrete block
- Concrete curb and gutter
- Concrete mortar
- Concrete hole, column or round footings
- Concrete steps and stairs
- Concrete weight calculator

Unit Converter: A collection of conversion tools.
- Currency converter
- Amps to Watts
- Watts to Amps
- KM to Miles
- Miles to KM
- Lumens to Watts
- Temperature conversion
- Length Units.

Roof Calculators: Calculate the roof size.
- Roof pitch angle chart
- Roof rafter length: Given pitch and rise
- Roof rafter length: Given pitch and run
- Roof rafter length: Given rise and run

Mileage Calculators:
- MPG calculator
- Miles per gallon calculator
- KM to miles calculator

Voltage Calculators: Calculate voltage and current.
- Voltage divider calculate
- Voltage drop calculator
- Voltage (12V & 24V) drop calculator

LED Resistor Calculators: know what size resistor to use?
- LED resistor Parallel calculator
- LED resistor Series calculator

Milling Machine Calculators:
- Feed rate and chip load
- Horsepower Torque and RPM
- Surface feet per minute and RPM

We appreciate you choosing our application. We welcome suggestions and feedback. To report bugs or make suggestions, please contact us at androidasl@outlook.com

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