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Handiman : Book local tradesman home services

Handiman : Book local tradesman home services

by Handiman


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Handiman : Book local tradesman home services
Handiman : Book local tradesman home services
Handiman : Book local tradesman home services
Handiman : Book local tradesman home services
Handiman : Book local tradesman home services
Handiman : Book local tradesman home services
Handiman : Book local tradesman home services
Handiman : Book local tradesman home services

Now with the Handiman app, you can enjoy on-home services that make things easier for everyday living. With this app, you can now book a broad choice of services from Gardener, to the dog sitter, tradesman to Handiman services delivered by well-skilled professionals from anywhere, anytime across UK and London.

The Handiman app is the largest network that provides on-demand home services that help users to find local premium professional services in nearby locations. The main mission of the app is to allow skilled service providers to connect with their potential audience and deliver services at home in a manner that has never happened before.

How to hire local professionals?

Follow a simple 3 step process to hire trusted home services:

Find an Expert:
Now you can connect with a Handiman worker directly by searching local experts within your location. Click on the services you are looking for in the list and start chatting with the trusted Handiman workers.

Post your Task:
You can post your task or service-related query. With this latest network, you can also connect directly with professionals in a nearby location and let them come to you with their cost-effective offers.

Review offers for daily home jobs:
Find local Handiman workers and check their view profiles. Chat with the most suitable Handiman worker and track when they are available for the services using the app map system.

Benefits of hiring online home services from the Handiman app:
The app uses advanced technology to deliver world-class service categories to scale up our services so that we can offer cost-effective services in a better manner.

• Unlimited Categories of Services
Now you can choose a range of services from the app from tradesman and dog sitter to Handiman, Gardner, and much more.

• Live Tracking of Service
It is free to post your requirement on the app and track the status of your request on the application.

• After Service Payment Only
It is completely your choice to pay for the order before or after the services. You can simply pay after the job is done.

• Safe and Secure Services
Handiman makes it safe and secure for all its users to find instant help with everyday house chores.

• Book and Earn Gifts
If you want to save some extra cash, then book services from the app and earn gifts on every booking.

• Refer or Invite others to earn Insta Gifts
To make the process more fun, you can refer this app to your friends and family and can earn Insta gifts efficiently.

• Free Booking
It is free to post your job requirements on the app and efficiently get doorstep delivery services.

Offer you with all kinds of Odd Jobs at home:

• Carpenter
• Dog sitter
• Handiman
• Gardener
• Electrician
• Appliances
• Laundry
• Cleaning
• Computers
• Plumber
• TV
• Washing Machine
• Mobile
• Pest Control
• Home Security
• Painting
• Packers Movers
• Car Wash

Why choose the Handiman app over others?

We above 3 Million satisfied customers, we follow a widespread customization move to meet the daily home jobs of our clients. We only connect with skillful experts having quite a lot of years of experience in a particular business. The main aim of the company is to transform the world and make the process of hiring professionals easier.

• Help & Support
• Simple Registration
• Cost-Effective Services
• Multiple payment options
• Advanced search filter
• User-friendly UI
• Multiple languages

Handiman app connects you with millions of experts starting from home maintenance and local tradesman to the home advisor, home decor, and much more. Handiman is a one-stop solution for all your on-demand home services. It is the largest network in London that connects you with the right service provider.

For instant support : thehandimanapp@gmail.com

Follow Us:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/handimanapp

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/handimanapp/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/handimanapp/

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