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Hammer Security

Hammer Security

by Kalagato


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Hammer Security
Hammer Security
Hammer Security
Hammer Security
Hammer Security
Hammer Security
Hammer Security
Hammer Security

Hammer Security is an anti-theft & lost phone finder app that solves queries such as "Find my device," "Find my phone," "Track location," & "Track IMEI number." Over 5 million users trust us for GPS tracking, mobile security, & data protection. With our proprietary technology, you can track your device even if it's turned off.

The Hammer lost phone tracker app was built to tackle emergency situations and double as your personal bodyguard. Our vision is to proactively protect you from theft & enable remote tracking so that your loved ones are alerted & can reach you in case of an emergency.

Key Highlights:
- Track My Phone
- Remote Alarm
- IMEI tracker
- Fake Shutdown
- Fake Airplane Mode
- Panic Button
- Intruder Selfie
- App Lock

To activate live location tracking and Emergency SOS, even if your lost phone is shut down or in airplane mode, we require the following permissions:
Location: This enables 24/7 live-location tracking to recover lost devices.
Contacts: When Hammer detects an SOS, it automatically sends live location, pictures, & audio to your Emergency Contacts.
Accessibility: This allows Hammer Security to provide advanced security along with comprehensive data protection.
Device Admin: In case of an emergency, this permission allows the Hammer Security app to take an Intruder Selfie, thereby protecting you against theft and unauthorized access.
Camera: Captures potential intruders' images, aiding in identifying the culprit.
Microphone: Detects suspicious sounds & activates audible alarms during security events.

Our Origin Story:
Like every superhero, Hammer was born to protect our loved ones and safeguard the community. Alarmed by a friend's kidnapping, where contact was lost for months, we were inspired to develop a solution for remote tracking. After years of in-depth research and interviews with 1000+ crime victims and their families, we developed the Hammer security app that addresses real-life scenarios. At Hammer, we understand that in 80% of emergency situations, you may not have the opportunity to manually trigger an SOS or Panic Button. That's why our system takes care of it automatically, ensuring your emergency contacts are notified promptly.

Your privacy is our utmost concern. Rest assured that critical information is shared with your Emergency Contacts only during emergencies. We have a dedicated support team committed to addressing any concerns you may have. With our technology, your phone will function just as it always has, and the impact on battery consumption is minimal.

FAKE SHUTDOWN: If an intruder tries to shut down your phone, Hammer will simulate a shutdown state, but instead, it sends live location, pictures, & audio to your Emergency Contacts.
FAKE AIRPLANE MODE: If someone tries to enable airplane mode, Hammer will simulate an airplane mode state, but instead, it sends live location, pictures, & audio to your Emergency Contacts.
APP LOCK: Protect & lock your banking & data-sensitive apps with a PIN.
EMERGENCY PIN: If a criminal forces you to enter the PIN, enter your Emergency PIN. We will instantly send live location, pictures, and audio to your Emergency Contacts.
INTRUDER SELFIE: If a thief fails to unlock your phone multiple times, we will take a selfie and send it your email.
CAR COLLISION DETECTOR: We use your phone’s sensors to detect car collisions & automatically send your location to your loved ones.
PANIC BUTTON: For any other emergency, trigger the Panic Button to send live location, pictures & audio to your emergency contacts. The Panic Button is accessible & easy to trigger.
LOW-BATTERY SMS: We notify your Emergency Contacts when you are about to run out of battery. They will be able to contact you before it is too late.
WEBSITE: Control your phone remotely if it gets lost or stolen

Visit us at https://hammer-security.ca/
Follow us: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/tp9xKXXyoAE

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