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Halloween Party Taxi Driver

Halloween Party Taxi Driver

by Mas3dStudio


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Halloween Party Taxi Driver
Halloween Party Taxi Driver
Halloween Party Taxi Driver
Halloween Party Taxi Driver

Halloween parties are going on and Everybody hop on and let this awesome Halloween Party ride begin.Be prepared for the most incredible Halloween party taxi driving experience to take people with Halloween costumes to the party bar or dance clubs! Play as a fearless Halloween Party Taxi Driver and get the frightening costumed guests to their respective destinations. Make sure no one is late to their HALLOWEEN parties, after all, they did spend all that time getting ready! There will be Pumpkin Heads, Scarecrows, Zombies, Mummies and more!!!Dropping passengers off on time must be your first priority.
Become the best Halloween bus driver and enjoy transporting excited party goers in themed city environments! Navigate your impressive Halloween bus safely and with haste!Drive on the highway at night with maximum speeds!
Pick up the Zombie dressed Halloween Party passengers and drop them off at the location of their choosing. Don’t be tardy, race around the city and complete missions. Use the map as your guide to help you reach your destination. Find the best route possible and save precious time!
Are you a fan of high speeds? Does the thought of driving give you a major rush? Then fasten your seat belt and experience the craziest driving adventure yet! This game is all about racing around town to complete challenging missions. Get ready for a wild ride and feel the thrill of riding through the vast open road
What is Halloween Taxi Driver all about?
There is a Party at Dance Club You are presented with various missions, and you have to emerge as real hero. You need superior driving and running skills to achieve your goals.You have to keep peaceful environment for the town .
• Realistic Halloween environments
• Traffic with real physics
• Fun and entertaining gameplay
• Extremely precise driving
• Engaging driving missions
• Smooth and simple controls
• Excellent 3D graphics
• Realistic City visuals with Night mode
This is a ride worth taking! Buckle up, make some money on this Halloween and show off your awesome cabby skills.
Halloween pumpkins, scary but glowing night scene. horn heads and more.

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