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Geography. Quiz. Many tests

Geography. Quiz. Many tests

by Marina Shcherbakova

Geography. Quiz. Many tests
Geography. Quiz. Many tests
Geography. Quiz. Many tests
Geography. Quiz. Many tests
Geography. Quiz. Many tests
Geography. Quiz. Many tests
Geography. Quiz. Many tests

Install the application “Geography. Quiz. Many tests” - this is an entertaining game where you need to answer questions, guess the right answers, gain new knowledge and learn interesting facts!

Geography. Quiz. Many tests:

✔ A free, smart app to test your knowledge of geography!
✔ More than 2000 questions!
✔ Simple and intelligible interface!
✔ Questions include all geography topics!
✔ Ability to choose the topic you are interested in!
✔ A great way to relax and exercise your memory!
✔ Interesting facts on the topic of our planet and geography!

You can study geography or prepare for the exam and assess your level of
knowledge of geography.

The questions presented in the game cover all topics and key areas of 

Here you have to guess which state is located on the map, which state the flag belongs to and answer fascinating questions about the countries and states of the world.

How to play:

- Press the "START" button and select a geography category you are interested in!
- Each topic has its own levels. Levels open when you pass and score points!
- Get points and coins for every correctly answered question!
- Points give you the opportunity to go to the next level!
- Coins give you the opportunity to use the tips when passing the quiz!


At the bottom of each question there are 4 tips that can increase your chances of a correct answer.

✔ “50:50” - use this hint if you want to exclude 2 incorrect answers to the question.
✔ “Skip question” - activate this hint to get through without minus points.
✔ “Audience survey” - use the audience to check, other users choose the answer option.
✔ “Reset Timer” - resets the time if you need to think more!

In this quiz you will find questions from the following categories:
* Flags of the world
* Capitals of the world
* Country by contour
* World countries on the map
* Lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere
* Geographical Discoveries
* Tests on the continents (North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, Antarctica)
* Country Population
* Currencies
* Sights
And also a lot of interesting facts about the world!

" Geography. Quiz. Many tests" - a quiz for those who want to study geography.
Have fun and you will have the opportunity to improve your general knowledge and memory!

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