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Geo Ballistic

Geo Ballistic

by KEK Apps, LLC

Geo Ballistic
Geo Ballistic
Geo Ballistic

Your android device is now a powerful water balloon launcher!

Learn how to control your launcher in just minutes and launch against fixed targets, moving targets, your friends, and other players around the world!

Geo Ballistic is a very fun and challenging arcade game based in the real world.

Earn 26 Achievements, compete for high score on 9 Leaderboards, and attempt to earn all 239 country flags by playing real-time multi-player matches.

Be sure to access the menu to find all the settings and features!

Play indoors or outdoors anywhere in the world.
Location available from network or GPS.
Three different views to help you locate and sight targets: Launch, Target, and Static.
You control map zoom level.
Use basic map or satellite imagery.
Sound effects can be on or off.
Launch Display can be turned on to show the data for each launch.
Multi-player games with Google+ friends (chat available) or anonymous players (no chat).
Earn flags for winning in and and against players in other countries.
Fixed Target Challenges include Soccer (Football), Cricket, Tennis, Golf, and Baseball
You Pick Target Game mode that allows you to pick your own target.
Google Play Games Sign-In can be used to track Achievements and High Scores.

Entire game can be played on ad-supported free version. In-app purchase allows removal of ads.

Tap view mode in Title Bar to cycle between views...Launch View->Target View->Static View
Use Launch View to get oriented.
Use Target View and velocity slider to position target in center of screen.
Use Static View to zoom in and out. Use two finger pinch to zoom.
Longest launch for any particular velocity is at a pitch angle of 45 degrees.
Heading relies on magnetic sensors; Proximity to magnets and metal will affect performance.
Heading factors in magnetic declination for your location.
Farther targets are worth more points
You can tap the map screen to clear previous launches.
Target must be within impact circle to count as a hit.

Join the Geo Ballistic Google+ Community to find players and schedule matches!

Thanks for Playing Geo Ballistic!!!

Your identity is not revealed to other players when playing Quick Match or when inviting Auto-Pick players.
Chat is only available when all players are known.

Special thank you to GoSquared (http://www.gosquared.com/) for providing the flag images!

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