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Fun School Race Games for Kids

Fun School Race Games for Kids

by Tiny Lab Productions


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Fun School Race Games for Kids
Fun School Race Games for Kids
Fun School Race Games for Kids
Fun School Race Games for Kids
Fun School Race Games for Kids
Fun School Race Games for Kids
Fun School Race Games for Kids
Fun School Race Games for Kids
Fun School Race Games for Kids

Welcome to the Fun School Town - the best learning app for toddlers and kids of all ages that combines entertaining educational tasks and fun kid racing game! Meet class teacher Mia who have so many things to do at school and her certainly need some help from your preschool kid in this entertaining school racing game. This educational game combines both: learning while completing different tasks given by teacher and kids favorite game type - racing while riding their favorite school vehicle: School Bus, Eraser Car, Pencil Car and Ruler Car.

So let your preschool kid to pick up his favorite car and drive in 12 educational lessons during which your child will have to complete different teacher lessons tasks:

  • Learn first numbers (1,2,3) and count them.

  • Collect various school subjects tools as ruler, paper sheet, scissors, book, pencil and learn about each of them.

  • Learn about such school subjects as math, art, chemistry and more!

  • Learn about discipline at school (stop kids from skipping classes, avoid their pranks).


Get this educational racing game to your child and don’t worry anymore about your preschool kid spending too much time in front of the touchscreen.



  • By completing teacher lessons tasks your child will develop his knowledge (learn about various school subjects, tools, numbers as 1,2,3 and more), ability to concentrate and memory capacity;

  • Learn about school discipline (better understanding of good and bad behaviour at school);

  • Improve problem solving, quick decision making, self- learning and flexible thinking skills.

  • While racing in different game lessons your child will develop hand-eye coordination and self-control.



  • Play even 12 fun and entertaining teacher lessons!

  • Designed for kids and toddlers - no confusing menus or controls: click GO button to drive forward and arrows to balance school racing cars or school bus.

  • Hours of entertaining learning, physics-based fun and surprising gameplay. Preschool kids and toddlers won't put this game down!



  • Colorful game graphics and animations will get the children addicted to the game.

  • Kids and toddlers will have lots of fun in entertaining and educational gameplay.

  • Will enjoy the realistic school racing cars driving experience.

  • Will be entertained with helpful interactive voice narrating, realistic sound effects and beautiful school theme music.



  • Let your preschool child to drive in style with 4 free school cars: School Bus, Eraser, Pencil, Ruler.

  • Do funny stunts, cool flips, high jumps and drive your racing car as fast as you can through this entertaining Fun School Town!

  • Drive, win coins and unlock new racing cars and motorcycles!


NOTICE: This learning app is completely free to play, but the game also offers in-app purchase.


★★★★★ ABOUT TINY LAB ★★★★★


Tiny Lab Kids is a publisher and developer of casual and free-to-play mobile games for kids and toddlers. Company is famous for its leading kids racing games series Fun Kid Racing.

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