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Fun Pie

Fun Pie

by Gulvel


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Fun Pie
Fun Pie

This is a perfect game for Family Time, Friends Time, Party Time, Game Time. It utilizes all the creative skills of team members to bring out their best acting, singing, drawing skills, and many more. The game will change the meaning of 'Game Night' forever.

Just spin the 'Action' pie to get a random action (e.g. Cut), then spin the 'Category' pie to get a random category (e.g. Places - World). The person giving the clue sees the actual card (e.g. Eiffel Tower) belonging to selected 'Category'. Using the 'Cut' action, the team member cuts a paper with scissor to give his/her team mates clues about 'Eiffel Tower'. His/Her teammates can guess any number of times, but they better be quick, else the timer runs out.

Features in Fun Pie:
1. 'Actions' on the pie can be changed to the ones you like; same 'Action' can be used multiple times
2. 'Category' on the pie can be changed to the ones you like, same 'Category' can be used multiple times
3. Amount of time on the Timer can be changed (30,60,90,120,150)
4. You can change the 'Difficulty Level' of the cards (Easy, Medium, Difficult, Insane)
5. Add any number of players and Form 1,2,3,4 number of teams
6. Tell us what you think! Tell us about a new Category, we will add it! Tell us about a problem, we will take care of it!

Popular Categories: 
1. Star War
2. Hary Potter
3. Brands
4. Animation
5. Marvels
6. Technology
7. Food
And many more!!

The game acts as a perfect ice breaker in team activities. Especially when there are new team members and also helps with team building/cohesion.

If you have fun playing the game, spread the world. There is enough sadness in the world. Let's change that to some fun, happiness and togetherness!

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