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FootBall Free Strike 2018

FootBall Free Strike 2018

by Twilight E Studio

FootBall Free Strike 2018
FootBall Free Strike 2018
FootBall Free Strike 2018
FootBall Free Strike 2018

Football free strike has twenty levels. Strike levels are mix of penalty and free kicks which allows player to learn about the dynamics of Football strikes. 

Goal keeper is standing to save opponent goal. Improve your penalty skills to dodge the goal keeper in this soccer football game.

It is a free and offline game, which will save you from hassle of finding internet connection. You can play this game anywhere in your free time to keep you engaged with something at least.

Football fans will love this game as it has real physics and even world cup is around the corner which is happening in Russia 2018 , get the feelings excited now by playing this game, score goals and get points. You can practice for your free goal penalty, free kick.

You need to sharpen your skill from striking the ball to juggling it, from getting trick shot to setting your trajectory, from your dives to your aimer. You will dream of this game. Get rated by your scoring. Refine your expertise here in this football game.

Goal keeper is defending the goal post standing opposite to you, you must hit the post to get thescore. You must shootout to hit the post by swiping on the screen for the football to move before the timeout. The scorer can share his rating with his friends too. 

No matter you call it football, soccer or futbol, we got you covered with this marvelous game. If you have not played this game, you have not played a good game. This is a fair game that needs to be passed by kicking some goals and cracking some bones; just kidding, it does not require bone breaking. Your only opponent is the goalkeeper, so swing the ball on him and make him juggle around the goalpost and get all the stardom. 
Also, we just updated our game to make your experience even better. 

- Twenty levels
- Dual mode; penalties and free kicks
- Auto mode switching
- Ball curling
- Hat trick 
- Scoreboard 
- Player’s health (out of 5)
- Health restored every 5 minutes 
- Shop for ball, jersey and shoes
- Fan following: ratio between level completion and coins collected
- Slow motion effect when ball hits corner of the goal post or is near the goalkeeper

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