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Flying Police Bike Chase Crime

Flying Police Bike Chase Crime

by Lisa Jeff


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Flying Police Bike Chase Crime

Get ready to take flight with flying police motorcycle chase which is new universe of amazingness. Are you ready to take flight and fly high up in the sky with your latest flying police bike?After the flying police car simulator,now you can play with updated flying police motorcycle game.Choose your favorite flying rider to Start on the runway and speed up until you got the speed to fly up high into the sky.You can test your airplane pilot skills and motorcycle riding ability at the same time in this newest flying police bike game.Now its time to Secure the new york city from escaped prisoners and criminals, crime is very high all time in city,its becoming out of control.Police using the latest motor bikes to combat the robbers and keep the new york city safe from crime.

In this game as a police cop you are driving the flying police motorbike and chasing the criminals on road.Lock on target, launch missile, bombard and take down criminals be the legendary super hero of this world.Within a time limit , you must destroy the criminals before they escape.Enjoy the newest flying police bike and be the best cop bike driver.Fly your flying police bike around the world and discover new landscapes, Drive your flying police motorcycle do stunts and drifts in air.Flying Police Bike Simulator is totally different from other bike games and flying car racing games.Get set up speed by switching on the turbo engines and enjoy the motorbike driving in the future city.

There is no Enemy aircraft attacking, you are flying police bike pilot and don't destroy your airplane jet bike.The gameplay is very tricky and interesting as you have to fly your bike driving in the sky and show your best driving skills in this flying police bike chase game.Be the fearless bike stunt driver to complete adrenaline multiple flying bike simulator missions.The main thing is You're a cop and you will not have to hurt civilians or don't damage to other vehicles in new york city.

-Realistic and dynamic auto physics
-Stunning 3d American city environment
-2 flying moto bikes for you to play
-Test your Police Bike Driving Skills
-Cop vs robbers chase adventure missions
-Simple and smooth controls

Enjoy the most realistic wildest escaping missions in this police cop chase simulator game.Ready to ride fastest and don’t let them get away.Get to Ride Your Flying Motorbike simulator games at Blazing Fast Speed and take a thrilling ride in modern city and off-road environment. If you like flying police games and police bike games then you won’t find anything better than this.We hope you will enjoy this game and don’t forget to rate our flying games and bike games.

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