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Flapsha (knife)

Flapsha (knife)

by developers_simons

Flapsha (knife)
Flapsha (knife)
Flapsha (knife)
Flapsha (knife)

Have fun playing flapsha with or without internet with these beautiful creative and sticky mousses.
If you are looking for fun, you are in the right place, navigate into space and fight moustaches.
We offer you a totally addictive game in which you can have fun in numbers!
Take advantage now, flapsha is currently totally free!

Have you ever tried knife games? Knife games are very fun and entertaining
Besides being able to play it anywhere with or without internet ,if you are bored this game is ideal.
Since it lets you improve your brand! Get the best knife hit!

How to play:
The game is simple, creative and cool, throw the knife at the misters to defeat them and unlock the special knives. Boss levels are very hard to beat. Don't throw the knife in the same place again. Test your knife skills, your mind and your gameplay.

- Different styles of knives, blades, daggers and other items are used to fight and defeat the masters.
- Fully creative knives and masters
- Throw the knife and get the green potions
and become the best master of knife strokes.
- As you progress, its difficulty increases, using it as a casual game. It will become your favorite challenge knife game...

Highlights of our app:

►Graficos simple and fun!
► Flapsha is a reward game, play with teenagers big and small!
► With a totally simple and clean interface
► A set of flip knives, which you can use to improve your skills as a player
► Works with or without connection, without the need for Wi-Fi or Internet
► an arcade game where you can keep yourself entertained and enjoy the best and creative animations
► The 2020 moustache knife game is a puzzle game where you can stimulate your mind, waiting for the right moment to throw, break and fit the knife in the empty place and destroy the moustro potion...
► forget about being bored and the well-known fruit knife games, if you download flapsha, you will smile and have a lot of fun. like your family with sticky characters, hurry up before more time passes!

Flapsha is a new game from 2020. We offer you guaranteed fun for all ages.
Let's hope you manage to win and defeat all the bosses
This app is free to use
Knife-throwing games have never been as fun as this one, the moustros are fun just to imagine them. They already amuse me! We are waiting for you in our app.


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