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Fish Games Mania

Fish Games Mania

by Fish Games Mania


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Fish Games Mania
Fish Games Mania

Catch - Match - Burst - Win!

Woohoo! Fish Games Mania brings the most addictive and fun aquarium into your mobile. Loaded with incredible animated marine graphics, exciting bubble pop sounds and enjoyable background music - Is a beautiful free fishing game that’s a hot favorite of every age group.

One of the best free fishing games, Fish Game Mania is available for free download on Google Play store. Dive in with cute little fishes and unveil the adventures of deep blue water.

All the fishes in this best-in-class fishing game are sweet and jiggly. As they match and burst, they engage you more and more in the aquatic world. So, download Fish Games Mania and travel deep underwater with joy and excitement in the company of goldfishes, crabs, chubby jellyfish, and many more gorgeous creatures.

Fish Games Mania Features:

Dozens of adorable fishes, crabs, jellyfishes to match and burst.
The best fishing game for kids comes alive in your tank with awesome 3D animations.
Let excitement level raise with hundreds of fishes, plants, and backgrounds.
User-friendly interface.
Detailed and engaging graphics.

Start playing this highly engaging game by matching three fishes, and popping/breaking/buster same aquatic species earn points.

How to play?

Tap on three or more identical fishes, crabs, jellyfishes, octopus, starfish to make them burst.
Reach the target points and dive to the next stage.
The more fishes you pop, the more you score.
Enjoy the company of cute little aquatic species and keep scoring.
Match 6 or 7 of the same species to create a Bomb.
Match 8 or more of the same to create a horizontal or vertical Bomb.

Download today, and get ready to sing -
Fishy, fishy in the sea
Won't you come and play Fish Games Mania with me?

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