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Feline Finder - Find & adopt the purrfect cat

Feline Finder - Find & adopt the purrfect cat

by Jagdeep Sharma

Feline Finder - Find & adopt the purrfect cat

You decided to adopt a cat but not able to find a cat that you like? Or you are truly a cat person and want a personalized kitty? We can help! Fill out a short fun survey to match you and your personalized kitty and we will find from over a 100,000 rescue cats the breed that matches you and is in your area. Your purrfect feline friend is waiting for you. Find and adopt a cat knowing you'll be a match.

Here are some of the more important features available:

1. Take a short fun survey about the type of cat breed you want to adopt and see a ranked list of breeds. Find a cat on more than just.a cute face.

2. You can also skip the survey and go straight to the list of breeds. For each type of breed there is a video and description explaining histories, temperaments, pop culture references, and more.

3. Watch cute videos and pictures of the actual cats to find a purrfect match. If a picture is worth a thousand words then imagine how many words a video is worth.

4. Keep track of your favorite cats with the favorites list. Track their status to see if any are about to be adopted.

5. There are over 70 fields available to narrow your search. All free of charge.

6. When you find a cat you like the app provides many ways to contact the shelters so you can arrange a time to visit. When it is time to go to the shelter the app provides driving directions if the shelter lists an address.

7. The app also provides numerous ways to share the cat's pictures and information with your friends and family. If you care about the cause help spread the word and share the cats on the various social media sites.

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