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Fast Image Viewer Free

Fast Image Viewer Free

by TDF Software


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Fast Image Viewer Free
Fast Image Viewer Free
Fast Image Viewer Free
Fast Image Viewer Free

A powerful image viewer built from the ground up with highly optimized code especially adept at viewing large bitonal images (e.g. engineering drawings, well logs, etc). Unlike competing products, FIV does not require importing images to local storage and does not need to create any temporary data on your device. It can access images in your camera roll and all supported cloud storage services and open them directly with no delays. Fully functional and no in-app purchases.

*** Now with 3D-Touch support - Quick Actions, Peek/Pop and accelerated pressure-sensitive image panning

The paid version allows printing and converting images to PDF then emailing them. The free version displays a full page ad before opening each file.

FIV can view the following image formats:
TIFF (TIF) - single or multiple pages, (Uncompressed, Packbits, LZW, JPEG, Huffman, G31D, G32D, G4, Flate/ZIP, Planar, CMYK, RGB, YCbCr)
BMP (Windows, OS/2, RLE)
DICOM (uncompressed, RLE, JPEG, animated)
CALS (type 1)
JEDMICS C4 (US Military images)
GIF (+Animated)
FLI/FLC (Animated)
PNG (+Animated)
JPEG (baseline, progressive, extended, lossless, YCbCr, RGB, CMYK, YCCK)
JPEG2000 (jp2/j2k/dicom/pdf)
PCX,DCX (multipage PCX)
Targa (uncompressed, RLE)
QuickLinks FAX
Microsoft FAX (*.AWD)
FITS (astronomy images)
PDF - NOTE: PDF support is limited to scanned images such as FAXes, NOT text or vector graphics. This is useful if you know your PDF file contains scanned images because FIV can view and navigate it much quicker than other PDF viewers.

FIV is great at viewing large black & white scanned images. Unique technology allows for incredibly fast decoding and readable scale-to-gray (anti-aliased) views. Navigate between pages/files in milliseconds even on less powerful phones.
FIV is capable of viewing well logs faster than any other software available. As an oil/gas/water well log viewer, FIV can open scans up to 600 x 600 inches (@400dpi).

If a supported image doesn't load correctly or a feature doesn't work as expected, please contact us for tech support (tdfsoftware@gmail.com).

Please check our Twitter feed for the latest news:

FIV has no external dependencies. The imaging code is completely self contained and written in portable C and optimized assembly language. Please send any licensing requests to tdfsoftware@gmail.com.

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