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Fast Charger 5x- battery saver

Fast Charger 5x- battery saver

by Khushal Patel

Fast Charger 5x- battery saver
Fast Charger 5x- battery saver
Fast Charger 5x- battery saver
Fast Charger 5x- battery saver
Fast Charger 5x- battery saver

Fast charger 5x is a FREE battery charging app that can charge faster your phone by 40% and extend your battery life upto 50% by eliminating apps and setting that drain power on your device.

This app is more efficient and professional power booster. Faster Charger – battery optimizer helps user to save battery life just in a single tap. The smart battery optimizer gives your phone the ability to enable setting for killing background services while it can even function as Battery Optimizer as well as Battery Saver. You can save battery life up to 2x-4x and charge your phone up to 5x faster.

- Fast charging
Faster charger 5x charges the battery faster by killing unwanted background services and settings. Just plug your charger and open the app, it will take care of the rest. It will make sure you will get most out of your battery life.

- Battery Saver
Faster charger 5x has inbuilt battery saver which can boost your battery life up to 2x-4x by reducing screen timeout and enabling do not disturb mode on your device. So by the end of the day you has enough juice left in your battery.

- Battery Information
Faster charger 5x can show you the real time status of your battery such as its level, voltage, health even it shows you the current temperature of your battery so you can know when to cool down your battery. With faster charger – battery optimizer you can see the technology of your battery.

- Battery optimizer
Battery optimizer feature of Faster charger 5x is unique in itself it optimize your battery according to your needs by just clicking optimize button.

Key Features

- Accurately shows battery status and charging type used.
- Customize power saving options by adjusting toggles of wifi, brightness, Bluetooth and 
  screen timeout.
- Choose from three different preset modes: normal/silent/vibrate.
- Save upto 5x battery by enabling airplane mode and turning off location.
- Battery Information: battery temperature, battery voltage, battery health, battery 
- Simple and Minimalistic user interface for smart and simple use.
- Easy battery saving and effective small size package with great features.

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