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Extramarks – The Learning App

Extramarks – The Learning App

by Ansh Tyagi


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Extramarks – The Learning App
Extramarks – The Learning App
Extramarks – The Learning App
Extramarks – The Learning App
Extramarks – The Learning App

Now score better with Extramarks – 100% Learning solutions in one place!
Whether homework, projects, essays, exams or self-study, Extramarks-The Learning App is the best online education tool for all. It is widely used by students all across India. With this app, you’ll never be bored! Our modules are interesting, engaging and fun, but they ensure great understanding along with deep exam preparation. 
We make learning exciting. This is how - 
- Researched, revised and updated study material mapped to CBSE/ICSE curriculum.
- Result-oriented and globally recognized Learn-Practice-Test pedagogy for easy, effective and engaged learning. 
- Fun, interactive and game-based learning solutions for junior students from classes K to 12.
- Multimedia rich, exciting learning material for senior students for classes6 to 12. 
- Ample practice material and tests to ensure great learning outcomes!
Find all solutions for KG , Class 1 , Class 2 , Class 3 , Class 4 , Class 5, Class 6 , Class 7 , Class 8 , Class 9 , Class 10, Class 11 & Class 12 for subjects as Science, Maths, Social Science, English, English Core, English Elective, Hindi, Sanskrit, Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, Accountancy, Business Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science (C++ and Python), Informatics Practices, Multimedia Web and Technology etc. All practice and study material provided by Extramarks is aligned to NCERT books, and comprehensive coverage of all topics along with NCERT Solutions is provided.
Extramarks – The Learning App is based on the pedagogy of Learn-Practice-Test. 
Multitudes have studied and benefited from this app. Here is a snapshot - 
- More than 100 distinct subjects are studied per month. 
- Our learning app caters to users in more than 10000 towns and cities across India. 
- More than 10 lakh online tests have been taken by students.
- Exhaustive questions from different chapters are available
- More than 2000 students join the Extramarks family each day. 
So, what are you waiting for? 
Here is why YOU should definitely download this app – 
- Complete Solution – Crack exams, access study material, get assistance in homeworks, projects, essays, benefit from all NCERT solutions. In short, all that you need for revision and self-study, this app provides right in your hand!
- Learn with Cost-Effective Solutions – pay for what you study, with exciting, custom study packages coming your way frequently!
- Learn at your own pace – customize your study schedule based on your strengths and areas of improvement. 
- Quality Content – We give you the most trustworthy study solutions. All out study material is prepared by subject experts and experienced teachers, who have a deep understanding CBSE / ICSE syllabus, exam patterns as well as marking/scoring scheme. 
- Performance Assessment – Don’t just learn, but also understand how well you’re learning. Identify areas of improvement and get cracking towards exam success. 
- Never feel bored – With engaging and interactive visuals, Extramarks lessons are always fun. Along with great grades, we seek to inspire the joy of learning!
Extramarks is a pioneer in bag-less learning! We are the first company in edutech domain to completely digitize schools and classrooms and were welcomed with open arms by many schools. Our game-changing technology first found application in MES Petambi, Kerala School. Mrs. Asha Byju, in whose presence our pilot was conducted has this to say – “Education delivery has been made smooth and efficient now, thanks to the digitization carried out by Extramarks. My students are more engaged in learning and the results are showing in rising marks, each year!” MES Petambi is the first fully digitized school, powered by Extramarks! 
So, what are you waiting for? Choose your board, class and subject and begin exploring the joy of learning!

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